6 Key Points to take away from Angry Birds Movie Review


Before entering the cinema, most of us will be wondering why angry birds are always angry. Well, In the Angry Birds movie you will find the answer. The Angry Birds movie naturally teaches us an inspiration life lesson which literally matches our reality world.

It tells a story of the “lonely” RED Bird which initially was look down by everyone because of its appearance and attitude. He was trying to be nice but everyone took his words and actions for granted. However the twist of the movie was fantastic and unpredictable with the fiery war against the piggy island. I got touch and my tear flow immediately at the last part of the Angry Birds movie.

6 key points to take away from the Angry Birds Movie:
1. Don’t ever look down on a person just because he or she looks ugly
2. When bad things happened, don’t ever give up easily
3. Faith is the key to success and conquers the obstacles around you
4. Don’t take things for granted
5. Trust your partner and friends
6. Learn how to understand and trust one another, because angry won’t solve your problem

The Angry Birds is one of the best animation movies I watched in May in this summer. I rate the Angry Bird movie: 4.5/5 star. The movie has officially released in Singapore at all cinema theatres. Hurry and catch the angry birds now!