15 Unforgettable Moments that will give you a deep impression of Hanoi Old Quarter City, Vietnam

Hanoi city

People always have an uncertain and insecure thought of visiting a 3rd world country. For example; walking on the street may face the robbery attack? Can authentic food be only found in the popular restaurant? Or even crossing the massive traffic may cause an unfortunate accident? Well, you may put all your worry aside because in Hanoi Old Quarter is the safest part of 3rd world country I ever visit. *PS: I am talking about the Hanoi Old Quarter city only, not Ho Chi Ming. So, please don’t quote me!


What is the meaning of ‘Vietnam’?

Viet is the name of the people, which covers the 54 different ethnic groups in the country. Nam means South. Viet Nam means the Viet people living in the South.

Last week, I took a short break travelling to Vietnam for my YOLO holiday. I landed my footsteps at the Noi Bai International Airport and got transferred to my hotel. I spent a night in Hanoi city, followed by spending 1 night on the cruise at Ha Long Bay and return to Hanoi city for another 2 night. A total of 5D4N was spectacular and memorable. Most of the Vietnamese I met in Hanoi city were helpful and friendly. Likewise, I am also in love with their nostalgic streets, French Colonial architecture as well as the authentic taste of Vietnamese foods. In today post, I will be sharing my Vietnam trip experience in the Hanoi Old Quarter city.

nostalgic street

1. The nostalgic street of Hanoi Old Quarter
Walking along the oldest street of Hanoi reminds me of the olden days where culture meets history. The antique brick houses nestled side-by-side along the streets of Hanoi Old Quarter gave me a nostalgic past feeling. The streets are Instagrammable and for Street photographer, you will definitely love to capture the iconic Hanoi Old Quarter buildings.

French Architecture

2. French-Colonial Architecture
French and Vietnam have a strong relationship and it all started since the colonialism period. Till today, many of the French architecture in Hanoi is well protected with the sense of history and culture. Although Vietnam absorbs the new perspectives from a modern France but it did not lose its traditional colour.

Gong Cha

3. Gong Cha available in Hanoi Old Quarter
Yes! No kidding! The legendary Gong Cha bubble tea is still available in Hanoi Old Quarter, Vietnam.

wires housing

4. Wires are hanging up along the building
The wires in Hanoi City are hanging up along the building.

hanoi street

5. Your best transportation is via WALKING
I have no doubt travelling solo in Hanoi Old Quarter city because most of the tourist attractions places are conveniently walkable distance from the hotel. Although the Hanoi traffic is 10 times more aggressive than in Singapore, it is still safe to walk around from one place to another. No worries, the driver will make way for you too! My advice is that, if you want to avoid the massive jam, just simply walk to your destination. Walking is good for health too!

Hanoi Morning

6. 6am is your wake up timing
Beep Beep Beep! Yes, these sound going to wake you up instantly at 6am.

Hanoi foods

7. Authentic taste of Vietnamese
Vietnamese foods are simply affordable and taste authentic. When you are in Hanoi, you will never want to miss out the ‘Egg coffee’, ’Vietnamese spring rolls (Goi Cuon)’ and ‘sandwich (Banh Mi)’. Must eat!

tour guide
Hanoi friendly tour guide, Rocky, explaining to us the history of Hanoi Old Quarter City.

8. You need a helpful and friendly tour guide
If you are first time visiting the Hanoi city, it is recommended to have a tour guide with you. I am glad that KKday Singapore has arranged a friendly and helpful tour guide, Rocky, for our street food marathon in Hanoi Old Quarter city.

Street Signage

9. Road signage are designed in blue and white colour
You will realise that most of the road signage indicating the street name in Hanoi Old Quarter comes with blue and white designed.


10. There is an OBAMA’s Restaurant in Hanoi
Cool! Former president of United States of America – OBAMA “has a restaurant” in Hanoi Old Quarter!

Happifi Pocket WiFi

11. Get connected at anywhere, anytime with Happi-fi Pocket WiFi
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ootd hanoi

12. Wear comfortable
The blistering weather in Hanoi city can go up to 36 – 38 degrees Celsius. It is recommended to wear comfortable to prevent yourself from getting a heat stroke.


13. Tripadvisor Signage are placed among the popular stalls in Hanoi Old Quarter
It is easy to spot popular shop in Hanoi city. All you have to do is to look out for the Tripadvisor signage.

Hanoi Night Market

14. Night market only available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Nestled in the heart of Hang Dao Street, the night market is only available on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 7pm onward. The night market attracts the locals and tourists with their culture performances, fashions and foods that line-up along the historical sites. Worth exploring it!

underwear street

15. The legit underwear street in Hanoi
Yes! There is a legit underwear street at the Hang Dao Street!

For Singaporean who is planning a trip to Hanoi, Vietnam; it is good to change around $300milion Dong and an approximately of 50USD. That’s all for now! Stay tuned for our post about the Ha Long Bay nature trip.


The photos above shot using the
Canon M6 mirrorless camera with 18-150mm lens