15 Insanely Clever Gifts for him, that you’ll want to keep for yourself

xmas gifts for him

His birthday is just around the corner, and you have been racking your brains for weeks to find the perfect gift. Alternatively, your anniversary is coming up, and you have to discover something unique that will surprise him. No matter the cause for celebration, it’s always a wonderful feeling to be the person that gives impressive presents.

Well, you’re in luck, because we are here to lend you a hand on that front. Here is our list of the 15 most fun and smart gifts for the man in your life.

Xmas gift for him

1) Sneakers

For most men, sneakers are a “must.” He can combine them with anything from business casual to urban wear. Furthermore, if you know his favorite brand, it’s going to be easy for you to get him the perfect gift. You can even order a limited edition online, for example, the Adidas Originals Star Wars, and they also have little Stormtroopers on them!

coffee machine

2) A coffee machine

This present is the Holy Grail for any coffee lover. You can’t go wrong with a fancy coffee machine for a man that loves his coffee. Moreover, if you don’t know which device is the best, you can visit Amazon and see all the great listings there. You can even scroll through the comments and read the opinions of other coffee lovers for reference.

Bottle of nice liquor

3) Bottle of nice liquor

Another classic is a bottle of nice liquor. The only thing you’ll have to discover is which brand and what type of alcohol he prefers. Then you can go to EC Proof and just order it online. The company offers fast delivery too, so if you order in the morning, the bottle will be waiting for you at home by the end of the day.

4) Laptop bag

A laptop bag might not be impressive, but it’s practical. For a man that moves around a lot and has to carry his laptop with him at all times, this is a great gift.


5) A hoodie

You have to admit, the hoodie culture is on the rise, and people love this piece of fashion far more nowadays. You can’t go wrong with a hoodie, especially if you find something unique that you know he would enjoy.


6) A nice wristwatch

Again, a classic on the list, but we had to include the wristwatch. There is so much meaning, elegance and sophistication into a present like this that men seem to adore it. Finding a stylish watch on Amazon should be an easy task.

7) A backpack

Have you noticed how much men love backpacks? They carry them everywhere! In fact, the Supreme backpack is to a man, what the Hermes Birkin bag is to a woman. On the plus size, you can find cool packs almost everywhere!

sweet handwritten note

8) A book with a sweet handwritten note

Books never go out of style, and when they have a sincere message of love handwritten inside that just makes them extra special. Buy him the latest book of his favorite author or if he’s into comic books surprise him with a vintage edition.

9) A puzzle

Everyone enjoys puzzles! They challenge the brain and stimulate logical thinking. Plus, you can play with the pieces together.


10) A Board Game

Is he an artistic guy? Buy him the Japanese Tokaido game, because the drawings in that game are mind-blowing. Is he into European style board games? He’s going to adore Terraforming Mars. Perhaps he loves playing D&D well then you’re not going to miss with Elysium!

11) Video Game

For the more modern player, there are so many fantastic video games you can choose from, that we’re going to cover only a few gaming styles. For anyone that has a passion for RPG, the Bioware’s Dragon Age franchise is iconic. On the other hand for sports fans, the new FIFA has some innovative features. Moreover, for a co-op play, try out the Resident Evil series.


12) A wallet

A stylish and elegant wallet is a fashion statement! If you want to dazzle a man with your sophistication, buy him a high-quality wallet and leave a cute, bright note inside.

13) A shaver

The shaver is a practical yet intimate gift for a man that loves grooming his beard. Find a simple and elegant model that offers multiple choices on beard length.

14) A belt

If your man is into suits, a belt is a very sophisticated gift that speaks volumes about your own sense of fashion. However, make sure is made from leather!

15) A cool T-shirt

The last piece on our list is the legendary T-shirt or every guy’s favorite item of clothing. With T-shirts, you can get creative, just find something related to one of his hobbies or passions and you’re good to go.

Remember, these gifts are for him, and not for you.