4 easy steps to setup the BenQ TK800 Home Projector in a Small Living Space

BenQ TK800

Here come to a point when we want to enjoy a 4K movie without stepping out of our house. How can this be done?

BenQ TK800 Home Projector

No television at home? Not a problem! Introducing the new BenQ TK800, a sleek and light-weight home entertainment projector that provides you with the True 4K HRD viewing experience. With BenQ TK800, you can easily transform a living room into an entertainment center. I stay in a 4-room HDB flat with an Approx. living room size of 90 square meters. Today, I am going to share with you how easy to setup the BenQ TK800 home projector in a small living space.

BenQ TK800

4 easy steps to setup the TK800 Home Projector:

1 – Firstly, you need to find a comfortable area to place the BenQ TK800 projector. It is strongly recommended to place the projector at an estimated 2.7m to 2.9m distance from the wall / flat-black surface. This is to ensure the projected image is fully expanded to make full usage of the display screen. (The image above is 2.9m distance from the wall)

HDMI cable

2 – Next, prepare a laptop that supports high-speed HDMI cable. Then, connect the power cord cable and the HDMI cable to the TK800 projector. For my case, I am using the premium high-speed Micro HDMI cable due to my laptop specification. I am glad that it works well with the TK800 projector.

3 – Turn on the projector via using the remote control. Make sure you set the output resolution to 16:9 (3840×2160), 60 Hz.

BenQ Projector

4 – Lastly, you may want to set the lamp mode to “Normal” because sometimes the ambient may affect our viewing experience. And, to achieve the brilliant 4K result, it is recommended to play the video from a 4K Player / Blueray.

home entertainment projector

That’s it! You are ready to host your guests with fantastic 4K entertainment in your living room. The BenQ TK800 home entertainment projector comes with an affordable price to suit every household. It comes with multi-functionality to ensure you maximise your display quality in a dark room or ambient light space.

So, what if you do not have a 4K player? No worries, simply go to YouTube and select a 4K video! You will still be able to immerse in a vivid cinematic experience at home. Next article, I will be sharing about the BenQ TK800 projector colour reproduction. Stay tuned!