Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe Celebrates 10th Anniversary with New Dishes


In celebration of the 10-year milestone since its flagship store opening at Heartland Mall, Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe has launched an exclusive line-up of new dishes. The specially curated 十全食美 menu does not lack in innovation and excitement. Diners will also be rewarded with a sure-win scratch card for every $30 spent in a single receipt, redeemable at their next visit.

Xin Wang recently revamped its membership card – Xin Wang REWARDS with the aim to provide better value to diners. Xin Wang REWARDS is available at all Xin Wang Hong Kong Café outlets for $15. All Xin Wang REWARDS card members are entitled to the following privileges:

I. Complimentary welcome vouchers
II. Awesome 5% rebates
III. Birthday treat during your birthday month

An interesting facts: The best selling dish from Xin Wang is the Pork Chop and Egg Papaya Soup Bee Hoon ($11.50), with over 3 million bowls sold thus far!

Seafood curry with rice is one of the must try new dish and is also my current favourite dish! A creative creation combings of local favourite, seafood with curry and the use of traditional Hong Kong cooking style served in a claypot. Fresh seafood simmered in Xin Wang’s thick and savoury curry. I am sure you will be back for more!

  • Eel Hot Pot Porridge: Back by popular demand, a hot pot porridge dish topped with grilled Japanese unagi.
  • Smoked Duck Fried Rice: Similar to the signature Fried Rice, Japanese rice grains are used, cooked with XW’s home-made sauce and wok-hei tossed over a searing hot flame with smoked duck.
  • Ham Ying Yong Sauce Spaghetti: another notable unique creation! Spaghetti tossed with both home-made tomato and cream sauce, topped with slices of ham.

More to go, Other than the 10 anniversary special dishes, here are some of the new desserts creation by Xin Wang HongKong Cafe, such as Iced Lemon HK Milk Tea, Kiwi N Mango Shaved Ice, and Glutinous Rice With Coconut Ice Cream. There are a total of 186 items and 24 categories in Xin Wang entire menu. Have a fun time deciding or come back again to try all!