The Superstars of Ballet Makes Its Debut at Marina Bay Sands


BASE Entertainment Asia in partnership with the Voilah! Festival in Singapore is proud to present for the first time THE SUPERSTARS OF BALLET, featuring 12 internationally acclaimed principal dancers who will perform highlights from iconic modern and contemporary ballet classics such as Le Corsaire, Don Quixote and Brel just to name a few for 5 shows only at the MasterCard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands from 29 April 2016.

This spectacular 2-hour show of pure breathtaking classical ballet features 12 of the top star dancers from world-renowned ballet companies including principal dancers from the Paris Opera Ballet, English National Ballet, and the American Ballet Theatre of New York just to name a few.

Set against stunning scenery and magnificent costumes, THE SUPERSTARS OF BALLET will thrill audiences as they perform a series of ballet classics including:

Don Quixote – which tells the story of an unlikely hero – a poor country gentleman who goes mad from reading too many novels and decides to put the world right by becoming a knight errant. However, unlike the original novel, the focus of this ballet is not on the gallant knight, but instead on the romance between two of the novel’s minor characters, Basilio and Kitri.

The lovely Kitri is intent on marrying Basilio, a lowly barber, despite her father’s wishes to marry her off to the wealthy Gamache. As their romance faces trials, Don Quixote gallops alongside and provides his chivalrous assistance, all the while chasing his own illusions of love.

Le Corsaire – Medora, a young Greek girl is sold to Pasha by a slave dealer. The pirate Conrad seizes Medora and declares his love for her. Conrad’s right-had man, who is jealous of Conrad, sends Medora back to the slave dealer who again sells her to Pasha. Conrad and his men show up to take Medora away again but he is recognised through his disguise, captured and sentenced to death. To save his life, Medora, who is in love with Conrad, plots with a slave girl, Gulnare, to escape. Medora agrees to marry Pasha but during the ceremony Gulnare takes Medora’s place, having the ring placed on her finger.

That evening Medora dances for Pasha, having convinced him to lay down his weapons, and Conrad enters to take her away. Gulnare produces the ring and declares herself Pasha’s lawful wife. The ship on which Medora and Conrad escape sinks in a terrible storm but the two lovers are saved when they are washed up on a rocky island.

Don’t miss a night out with some of the most talented stars from the world of ballet telling some of the oldest and most enchanting classic story tales through the beauty of dance.

Season: From 29 April 2016
Venue: MasterCard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands
Performance Times:
Friday: 8pm
Saturday – Sunday: 2pm and 7.30pm
Ticket Price:
From S$65 (Excludes $4 booking fee per ticket)