The Epson Stylus Photo R3000 Printer Review


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The Epson Stylus® Photo R3000 is clearly meant for photo enthusiasts or designers who needed quality professional printing. This seemingly big and bulky printer allows you to print up to A3 size. There is also a CD/DVD mounting tray that allows direct printing on the surface of discs.

The Epson UltraChrome® K3 Ink with Vivid Magenta helps to deliver vibrant blues and violets. The 9-colour pigment ink ensures greater colour accuracy and virtually no colour shifts.

It comes with a 2.5″ LCD Panal that allows you to check the printer status – ink levels and menu settings at your convenience. In addition, it also displays on-screen instructions to show you how to feed special media such as fine art paper or board paper, as well as performing other operations.

Best of all, the R3000 can be shared within workgroups with its WIFI/Ethernet function. It support for USB 2.0 further expands connectivity options while WIFI access extends to new generation PEDs like the Apple iPad and iPhone.

I tried printing on A4 paper and it took a couple of minutes to print out. There is some slight noise when it first started processing the print request. However, once it pulled in the paper for printing, you barely hear anything.

I tested printing a couple photos with “dreamy effect”, “HDR effect” and of normal shoot mode, and the final results is simply stunning! The colours are of such vibrancy that I can’t wait to frame these up and used these for my room decoration. I believe these pictures after framed up, can serve as nice gifts to friends too.

Last but not least, thanks SAFRA for getting me to review this awesome printer!

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