The Cuteness LG Pocket Photo comes in LINE Characters

Pocket Photo (model PD239SF)

Fans of LINE characters! LG has collaborated with LINE to release a brand new design for its Pocket Photo (model PD239SF); an inkless mobile photo printing device.

The portable and eye-pleasing LG Pocket Photo is one of the smallest mobile photo printing devices in the market. The LG Pocket Photo prints pictures rendered at a crystal clear 313dpi; perfect for sharing or displaying. After downloading and installing the free Pocket Photo editing app, users can wirelessly connect their smartphones or tablets and begin printing immediately.

The Pocket Photo app lets users experiment with a wide range of customization options. There are filter effects as well as a clever frame augmentation feature. It also offers the ability to embed QR codes in photos, a great way to connect a physical photograph with an online community or internet-based content. The creative and easy-to-use combination of app and device gives the Pocket Photo the unique ability to both edit and print photographs immediately while on-the-go.

The Pocket Photo is available at all Challenger outlets. This special edition will be up for grabs from today onwards and will retail at $229.