Sectional Sofas: The Versatile Lounging Option for a Sophisticated Interior Look

sectional sofas

Sectional Sofas

42% of Singapore homeowners like a contemporary and urban style look for their homes, with 36% preferring modern and 18% going for something Asian-inspired, according to recent stats from Houzz. With a wide range of interior design trends to choose from, homeowners are spoilt for choice when it comes to creating an interior design layout that they can truly be proud of. However, one thing stands out: everyone wants to create a pleasant and relaxing environment in their homes. If you’re more of a lounging person, or regularly host friends, going for an interior design trend like sectional sofas is a great option for a sophisticated interior look.

While past sectional sofa options may have been downright unwieldy, today’s sectionals are much more stylish, ranging from slipcovered linen styles to streamlined velvet versions. Read on to learn more about sectional sofas and why they’re a versatile option for functional seating.

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Why Sectional Sofas?

Whether you’re looking for inspiration to renovate your home or simply want to style your new penthouse or condo, sectional sofas feel right at home in any open-plan space. The main draw is the fact that they offer ample amount of seating space and are perfect for lounging. Depending on size, sectionals can seat several people and offer more room than a conventional sofa. Sectional sofas can also go anywhere, and make it easy to optimize seating options even in smaller spaces, especially when placed in a corner. There’s no better way to transform an open floor plan than throwing in a sectional sofa. Paired with a side table and natural tones, their structural shape and broad size help create a “distinct space” within a larger area.

Breaking Down the Different Designs

There are numerous design options when it comes to sectional sofas. L-shape is the most popular option, and is perhaps the most versatile of sectionals, working perfectly well when wedged into a corner in a living room, entertainment room, outdoor relaxing space, or right in the middle of a spacious room. The chaise section is basically a sofa with an extended ottoman that’s attached to one side. This is a simplified version of the L-shape and can be placed just about anywhere a conventional sofa can. The curved sectional is another great piece that brings a sculptural style and appeal to contemporary interior spaces. With its elegant silhouette, it stands out in a room like a piece of art.

U-shaped sectionals are ideal for large spaces, or when you want to get as much seating as possible. Like the curved sectional, it needs to be placed further out in the room to stand out. Modular sectionals come in multiple separate pieces that you can rearrange to achieve a specific seating and style configuration. This design is both ideal for huge open spaces and small spaces like corners. The ever-functional sleepers are the last of the sectional design options. They are not only a good option for sitting but also sleeping, and are typically featured with modern chaise-style sectionals.

Getting Your Selection Right and Placement Right

Considering that sectional sofas are bigger than your conventional sofas, you need to take a few steps before making a purchase. Differentiate left from right, as this is the most critical choice to make when purchasing an L-shape or chaise sectional sofa. Decide whether you want a right-facing or left-facing style. You can make this simple by standing right in front of the area where you want to place the sofa in your home, so you don’t make a mistake. Doing your homework in advance is critical so you can know what sectional shape and dimension best fits your floor plan and space. Make sure you leave enough space to maneuver around.

Are you planning to retain your favorite corner seat? If you’re buying an L-shape or U-shape sofa, you must leave enough room for lounging legs when the rest of the sectional sofa is occupied. While most people prefer to place a sectional against the wall; you can float the extended arm, or even the whole sofa out the middle of a room, making the focal point of your space. The structural elements of your interior space should dictate your overall sofa placement.

Like any other trending interior design choice, incorporating sectional sofas into your space is never complete without adding complimentary styling. For instance, you can add some a sizable rug – the bigger the better, a large coffee table and some decorative throw pillows in each corner. This will ultimately add some extra style to your interior space.