Building A Man Cave You Can Be Proud Of

Interior Design

Interior design

After four years of falling house prices, the property market of Singapore is looking up. With a growing economy, now is the time to start investing in interior design and creating a home that you can be truly proud of. The design and layout of your house contribute to your mood, so it should be a pleasant and relaxing environment. One way to achieve this is through the use of a “Man Cave”. This is an area of the property which is dedicated solely to kicking back, relaxing and having fun. You don’t need to be a man to enjoy it either! Whether you want to drink beer to watch the latest horror film, read the advice below for tips on creating a stylish and modern man cave.

Check the latest style trends

Interior design has shifted radically in Singapore, as it moved from a simple fishing and agriculture economy to a centre of global finance and technology. Rapid economic growth and modernisation have led to a city built to look sleek and dynamic. If you want to keep up with the style of the city around you, then design a man cave focused on the latest design trends.

In 2018, Singapore interior design is focused on the concept of the “urban jungle”. This keeps the modern city aesthetic but fills spaces with Southeast Asian plants as well as imagery of tigers. The tiger represents masculine energy, while the jungle plantlife keeps you close to nature at all times. There is also a growth in the Japanese concept of “Wabi Sabi”, which means embracing imperfection. This involves using natural and irregular surfaces, such as rock, for a rugged look.

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Make a list of your favourite hobbies

The man cave is all about you. It is a place to engage in your deepest passions, so start with a list of your favourite hobbies and build the design around that. You may be obsessed with film and television, in which case the latest, largest and prettiest smart TV is for you. However, you may be more creative and want a space in which you can write and paint. In this scenario, a television may be distracting and you might want to limit the amount of technology in the room. It all depends what is right for you.

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Focus on relaxing themes and colours

The man cave is not a place for work. You should not be checking emails here or filling in your tax return. The design should be focused on relaxation and enjoyment. This could mean installing relaxing fixtures like a water fountain or sticking to soft, pastel colours. Also be sure to combine relaxing designs with furniture that is soft and comfortable to offer the ultimate relaxation.

Building a man cave could be one of the best investments you make in your own wellbeing. You work hard all week, so you need a place where you can fully unwind. Follow the latest design trend and build a relaxing environment around your passions.