[Review] Satisfying facial experience at Derma Dynamics


After a week of hard work, it was time to pamper myself with a facial treatment. Where else but at the Derma Dynamics beauty salon located in Bishan! I was introduced to one of the professional therapists, Jean, who has over 10 years of experiences in providing skincare treatments.

My facial session started with an analysis of my face condition by using the UV Skin scanner technology. So here are the results of my face condition:

  1. My face skin is sensitive
  2. Dry face and dehydrated skin
  3. Oily skin
  4. Blackheads and whiteheads

Everyone experiences different skin issues throughout their life. Well, I must agree that what the therapist said was totally true! After analysing, we proceeded to the facial treatment room to do my facial skin treatment. The whole process of my facial treatment took about 2.5 hours to complete. It was intensive but I guess it is a must if you want to look good.

My therapist Jean did a Double Cleansing and scrub procedure on my face followed by the hot steam treatment which help to soften the blackheads and whiteheads for easy extraction.

It is a must to remove congested blackheads and whiteheads on our faces before applying any other beauty-supplement products.

After clearing away all the dirt from my pores, the next step is to improve my skin appearance and texture with the Superfood cell glow facial therapy treatment, which comes with “ageless rejuvenating facial and eye massage”, “replenishing eye treatment” and “happy leg relaxing massage”.

The excellent combo services softened my mind and concurrently it helps to restore my body energy and recover my youthful look of my face. Hence, “Happy leg relaxing massage” was the most enjoyable moment whereby it helps to improve blood circulation. Overall, it was a one-stop relaxing and refreshing treatment that made my skin look brighter and healthier.

What is Superfood Cell Glow Facial Therapy?
Superfood Cell Glow Facial Therapy is a powerful and highly effective facial therapy exclusively formulated to reactivate even the laziest cells for optimal cellular function. From the very first session, it can dramatically improve your skin appearance and texture. You will notice your skin looks brighter and glowing with a healthy radiance.

4 Types of Super food to choose:

  1. Anti-Age: For skin that lacks of firmness and with fine lines.
  2. Brightening: For uneven skin tone and skin with post acne marks.
  3. Oxygenating: For skin with pimples, tired and dull looking skin.
  4. Hydrating: For dehydrated and flaky skin.
Masking my face with the “sensitive-water” cream mask
Last but not least, applying the skincare products from Sothys –Toner and Sunblock
My verdict:

It was a rejuvenating experience! Thank you Derma Dynamics for the most comfortable and satisfying facial treatment experience. During the process, there wasn’t much pain experienced in extracting my blackheads and whiteheads. I felt that the Superfood cell glow facial therapy treatment was really effective and resulted in my skin looking brighter and smoother. Derma Dynamics is definitely a recommended place to visit for facial and beauty treatments.

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