A complete File Sync & Share with Acronis Files Cloud

Photo credit: Acronis Blog

Acronis announce the launch of the new Acronis Files Cloud, a proven file sync & share solution that enables Service Providers to offer public-cloud- like services from their own infrastructure.

First, it enables Service Providers to utilize their own data storage infrastructure, rebrand the service, and bundle it with their existing services and data protection products such as backup or disaster recovery. Bundled services increase customer retention rates. With Acronis Files Cloud, customers not only have complete control over their data, but also the knowledge where the data is physically stored. This is critical when complying with local or national data sovereignty regulations.

Second, Acronis Files Cloud, similar to other Acronis products, has a simple licensing model. It lets Service Providers to set their own margins and start providing services without any upfront investment in software. Acronis helps Service Providers to offer the most services at the best possible prices, enabling them to focus on building their customer base.

The technology behind Acronis Files Cloud has already been in production for almost a decade, powering Acronis Access Advanced, which is an on-premise enterprise class solution trusted for security and performance by a number of Fortune 500 financial, insurance, pharmaceutical, and public sector firms, with hundreds of thousands users.

Acronis Files Cloud is also future proof. For data storage, it is integrated with the recently released Acronis Storage, the world’s leading software-defined storage solution with built-in Acronis CloudRAID redundancy and Acronis Notary with blockchain data watermarking.