SAFRA Yishun Open House


Walking towards the Safra Yishun Country Club, I felt as though stepping into a children’s carnival with kids jumping around the bouncy castle and balloons around, however, it was actually the Open House of Safra Yishun.

 photo Balloon.jpg

Once stepped into the Safra Yishun Country Club, I smell the sweet aroma of popping corns and cotton candy, of which, these are the favorite of not only the kids, but adults as well! I guess, in every adult, there lives a kid.

 photo PopCorn.jpg
Crowds and queues are formed for the registration, the response is quite well-received!
 photo LongQueue.jpg

So what’s line up for the day?

 photo dc7bbc63-190b-443f-a107-0f5a2ff8f16a.jpg
Time for some adventure excursion!

Rock climbing or 25m wall slab for you?

 photo RockClimbing1.jpg
 photo RockClimbing3.jpg

Or challenge the canopy? The biggest challenge is probably conquering own fear!

 photo CanopyChallenge.jpg

A swim in the beautiful pool should help to cool down from the blazing heat.

 photo SwimmingPool.jpg

Or if you prefer to to have the luxury to start your adventure journey in a cooling environment, the air weapon corner should be of your liking.

Aim, Ready, Shoot! “Bang!” If this is what you expected, sorry, this is not the case for air rifle. Can’t get it? Imagine your mobile phone on silent mode. If you are a first timer, fret not, there will be coaches around to guide you.

 photo AirRifleShooting-1.jpg
See my first round of shooting scores! I’m pretty happy with it. According to a friend who had experience playing the air-rifle. This is considered good scoring for first timer and with the groups (clustered results) formed, there might be of a high chance to hit the bull’s eye!
 photo Shootingscoring.jpg

If sports is not your type, fret not! They are many more offered in the open house. For instance, there are some arcade games available in house. Have a taste of the Formula one before the next Grand Prix comes.

 photo Arcade-Daytona.jpg

Convert yourself into a superstar with props provided at the photo booth. Time to let down your hair and have some fun posing with your family or friends!

 photo photobooth.jpg
 photo c795a156-7cd1-4ec0-ac81-2a7734515db5.jpg
 photo 7fce18a6-0f56-478a-9156-d7ca0603656f.jpg

How about some body tattoo? Scare of pain? No worries, the tattoo is done by air-brushing and just need a couple of minutes only.

 photo Tatoo-1.jpg
 photo tatoo-3.jpg

Have some laughs as the caricature artist transform you to part of the comical world!

 photo caricaturedrawing.jpg

No, this is not all, there are some flea market stalls where the ladies who prefer to stay indoor from the glaring sun can do some shopping.

 photo FleaMarket.jpg

The activities at the open house had well catered to the different demographics. Ask what I enjoyed most, it’s definitely the air-rifle shooting as this is something we rarely get a chance to try out and I definitely look forward to the next one!

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