Food Review: ToTT Bistro at Sime Darby Centre


The Tott Bistro offers comfort food designed by its consultant, Chef Sam Leong.  It is located in the ToTT Store, which offers an unparalleled range of dining and kitchenware products, as well as baking and cooking courses.

Was invited by OpenRice to a food tasting at the Tott Bistro, where new dishes are developed by its new resident Chef, Chef Clarence Chong, who has 30 years of experience in various hotels.

The Tott Bistro is of the clean and chic interior, which is a cozy place for dining together with family or friends.

 Esprit (S$3.80)
The Esprit range of soft drinks combines the refreshing taste of real fruit with soda, flavours available are: Passion fruit, Raspberry, Orange Tangerine and Lemon Lime. I tried the raspberry flavour, which is rather refreshing. What I like is about the Esprit is, unlike usual carbonated soda, it is less fizzy and more of a sparkling drink. Most importantly, it is less sweet as compared to other carbonated drinks.

Truffle Fries with Duo Dips (S$7.90)
The fries is served with mayonnaise and chilli sauce to enhance the taste. The fries is delectable with truffle oil yet not too oily, however, I’ll prefer to be more crispy though. 

Oriental Pizza (S$12.90)
With bonito flakes, seaweed, sesame seeds as toppings and teriyaki sauce as the condiment, the oriental pizza is pretty much like a Japanese Style Pan Pizza, except for its pizza dough is more dense and crispier than other Pan pizzas. The most distinguishable about the pizza is probably the spinach topping which we rarely see. 
Fish Fingers with Wasabi Mayonnaise (S$7.90)
The fish finger is rather crispy but I personally finds it a bit too dry. In additional, I wish for a bigger mouthful of the fish fillet. I’ve never like Wasabi, however, the Wasabi Mayonnaise is still acceptable to me, as luckily, the taste of the Wasabi is not overpowering. 
Chicken Ramen (S$12.90)
The ramen has been chopped to short length for easy consumption, which is very kid’s friendly. The soup broth is flavoursome yet not over powering. The marinated soft boiled egg, though tasteful, is a bit disappointing as I’ll prefer it to be more runny like those in traditional Japanese restaurant, and I personally find it a bit too salty. 
Tempura Mango (S$3.00)
While I like the battered of the Tempura Mango thin and crispy, I find it a bit too oily, where traces of oil can be found over the plate. The mango filling, tasted more of powdered mango due to the extremely creamy taste, generally still taste good, but I certainly hope that traces of mango puree can be found in the filling which will make it more divine!

Last but not least, a group photo before the food tasting session ends.

Generally, the dining experience at the ToTT Bistro is good. Though no much variety, it offers a good mix of Asian and Western fare, reasonably priced. 
ToTT Bistro is located at :
Sime Darby Centre
896 Dunearn Road 01-01A
Singapore 589472
Tel: 62197077
Operating Hours:
Mon -Sun: 10.30am – 9.00pm