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End of January 2009 post.
Happening during CNY week.

After one whole day of hus visiting, finally i am back for blogging time. Some quick post today to end my January 2009 blog post. Today, Jianhao came to my hus for CNY visit, after that went for lunch at Tampines mall, eaten korean food which cost kinda expensive but it taste nice. After lunch, i went to JianHao House for CNY visiting…Stay till 3pm den proceed to my uncle hus…Soon later time around 5.30pm, i went off and back to home for dinner as well as rest awhile before went out again to meet JianHao and Jerome.

As Jianhao today planned to go 春到河畔 (Chun Dao He Pan), So Me and Jerome agreed to accompany go there take some picture….*I photographer again* xD . Alright, Met JianHao and Jerome around 7.40pm at Tampines mall and accompany jerome for dinner. After that, took mrt all the way down to cityhall and walked to esplanded. On the way, while talking to jerome, i heard someone calling my name and saw her wave at me…lols, was JianHao cousin…*wave back as well*.

Well, Today there also have chingay parade, therefore was very crowded around marina area. Soon later we reached 春到河畔, walk around, took picture and listen some singer singing song. We decided to go home as time passed 10pm sharp.

Past few day been doing (CNY Day 3 till Day 6)
Past few day, was CNY days, been visiting relative and friends house such as, nicholas,qiaoer,jianhao…bleah bleah….Collected QUITE alot of angpow…lols, but till now i haven count the money yet…i damn busy untill forgot to count! lols…

Talk about Nicholas hus, Went there with Terrence and JianHao. As usual alot of game to play and food to eat…lols, Played COD 4 on the ps3 itself….So on had dinner before leave. QiaoEr Hus, first time visiting…know desmond from there and know some knowlegde about Chinygay from him as well. JianHao Hus, Very long long time nv visit liao…haha saw his grandma today.

However, as i said CNY week very busy de…Till now got 1 pending blog post haven write yet…lols, but for the next few post will be picture post…End my post for today…

Thank for ur visiting! xD
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