First Day of Chinese New Year 2009


Post About CNY 1st day (26/01),

HO!~ 一年就这样快快过了,一转眼又是新的一年!哈哈。。。我在这里祝大家步步高升,年年有余,牛年发大财,牛年行大运!我的大年初一。

Hey people, here come to my 1st day of chinese new year post. Afterall been busying editing picture and i just realise tat i had took around 80 plus picture on CNY! lols…of cos i will edit and pick the best to upload here…So people, how ur CNY goes? izzit good enough?….This few day been looking at other ppl blog and saw so many CNY post and now for me, i am gonna write out happeneing on Lunar New Year celebration.

大年初一,Woke up in the early morning, prepared with my parents and went all the way down to my grandma hus. Reached, started to 拜年 with my GrandPa and GrandMa and den, say Happy new year to everyone…hehe, after that, started to collect 红包 (Ang Pao) from relative! haha i love angpao, lols…i guess everybody does except those who had married…haha…

Well, during afternoon which was lunch time, i choose to eat some cny food than Rice…lols, but seriously speaking, i ate alot alot alot ar…damn full! *Hope can gain some weight after eating so much* LOL! 最喜欢吃的当然是肉干,黄利塔,等等。。。And not forgot to say that, During CNY time, many people does those things, visit,greet,eat,drink and gamble! (吃喝玩乐) lols…When come to gamble, 100% wont miss it! haha…Talk about Gamble, some playing Mahjong and some playing blackjack whereas talk about drinking, there were Red wine,Carlsberg and Tiger beer as well as Orange juice. But for me, i drank quite a number of cup on red wine and beer. xD

Alright, after lunch time and everyone was ready, First we all went to my cousin QingYi Hus for visiting. As This Year most of our family have car, therefore reaching from one destination to another was fast and convenience.

Reached Cousin QingYi hus and saw many nice Ox Year CNY Deco, so i took some picture down…haha, Forgot to say that i also one of the photographer during that day….After visiting QingYi hus, everyone went back to grandma hus for “LAO YU SHEN” (Picture shown). lols, Lao Yu Shen was fun and i did it every year! Huat Ar!

After the Lao Yu Shen, As a part of photographer, i went and took photo around with family as well as some random picture which i can think of….Well, was very exciting during that day! As soon as it came to dinner time…Youngest was suppose to eat first before it come for adult…Ate alot of nice food cooked by my grandma and we do enjoyed eating and chatting…xD

Evening time, we as a family ahead down to my 2nd uncle hus for visiting and soon later my hus. lols…we all ended up at my hus and watched the Little Nyonya Gathering backstage show which was shown on channel 8 on the CNY day. haha…Do fun enjoying visiting relative hus and the visiting is not finish yet….i going some of my relative hus this coming weekend! haha…

Anyway, Wish everyone Happy chinese 牛 year! 牛转乾坤,牛运年年。My post end here for today…Thank for ur reading and viewing! xD TakeCare peeps! Drink more water if you had ate alot of CNY Food! =)

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