Qoo10 Singapore: iphone5 Accessories From iProxyLite


Yay! iphone5 on my hand! Yes! Few weeks back, I had changed my phone to iphone5, sorry if I didn’t contact you for long because I had lost my entire phone contact and manage to recover few days back. Well, with the new iphone5 I got on hand, next thing I am looking for was the iphone5 cover casing and screen protector as well as other iphone mini accessories.

Hence, I was sponsored by my good friend, William Tan, whereby his sister is currently selling the iphone/smartphone accessories online at Qoo10 (New G-Market site) and her Qoo10 shop also known as ‘iProxyLite’.

‘iProxyLite’ – an online iphone accessories shop selling the latest and unique trend of Premium cover casing, Stylish Stylus Pen, USB cable, Screen Protector and etc for iphone4/4S/5. If you are looking for iphone gadgets, you guys should visit the website because the prices of the iphone accessories selling at ‘iProxyLite’ will be much cheaper than other market.

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