Presentation Completed


Presentation Completed,
爱就宅一块 (latest Taiwanese Drama),
Tml Nuffnang blogger gathering.
Great! hahaha…Finally my group presentation had over! now can take a deep breath and proceed on to my visual basic project. Alright, today presentation, i can say was fun and i guess everyone including me had enjoyed the overall process by introducing their slide as well as video. Somehow dunno why, my group kena sabo by others group member and was called to be the first presenter…nvm, anyway, first or last group to go, at last also must present…therefore, our group was told to be the first presenter of whole class today. Overall was very successfully although some part mistake has been made but its ok, cos i am not the one who make the mistake! wahahaha *Evil smile*
After presentation, fazil and I was facing some problem now. Cos we nid to complete our visual basic project by monday! omg ar…! 3 more day left to submission date. oh nonononono!!! lols, We had finished our layout design and now left with the coding part…Seriously say, coding is the most troublesome ar! one code wrong equal all wrong. Haiz…I wonder how about other people…
Haha, put my project aside now…lets talk about firefox! lols, this morning, i upgraded my firefox web browser (portable and non-portable), by changing new theme on it. lols, one of my friends, Lester introduces me the Safari theme in firefox and it really look nice to it! hahaha…

New Taiwanese drama coming up this saturday, called 爱就宅一块 (toGETher). I going to watch it at this coming saturday, Channel U @ 9.30pm…haha…

Alright, soon later tml, there something after my school! woohoo…feel kinda excited,haha…cos there a nuffnang blogger gathering which organise by YL, at plaza sing starbuck! hehe, guess i will write more about it after the gathering. xD

TakeCare peeps!
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