My First Nuffnang Cheque


My First Nuffnang Cheque
In Happy Mood now…haha…

Woohoo! I am so happy that my VERY First Nuffnang Cheque has arrived today! Well, open my mailbox with excitement in heart whereby the letter have nuffnang logo on it! yay! hahaha…Nuffnang motivate people to blog in their life, at the same time, earn abit of pocket money for self use! So, dont wait now! Join and Support Nuffnang advertiser! haha..
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After blogging for so long and if are my daily reader, you will notice tat my blog have a big change in posting since last year. In 2007, i blog with chinese word, where attracted quite a number from china and taiwan…So later in 2008, i change it to more on English than chinese and from there…i also joined the nuffnang, the blog advertising community. And soon later till now…i know some friends from nuffnang innit…lols, i guess most of them are malaysian than singaporean…haha

Recall some reviews i made last month in 2009
Blogging to me not only personal life but also do write post on Review. haha, Reviews such as Drama,Movie,Food,Phone,Places…bleah bleah bleah…as long as things (living or non-living) under the sky, i can on reviews it! xD So today…gonna share with you all the 2 highest view rate review on movie i had last month….and the 2 movies goes to….Red Cliff 2 and Love Matters!

赤壁2 (Red Cliff 2) :
幸福万岁 (Love Matters) :

Anyway, i am in happy mood now! haha…gonna cheque in my money fast! hehehe…Oh ya, Happy mood for second reason is because, i finally completed my presentation slide for this coming thursday! Horay! hahaha….My page not more not less (不多不少)…just nice, ONLY 20 slide! added some animation movement onto the slide too! Overall, i still like it but dunno how about my group member ar….but one thing i know that, the grading wont be TOO low! wahaha…
Alright, i end my post here for today…
Thank for ur reading and viewing!
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