Plantronics BackBeat Go Wireless Headset Review

Being always on the move, a bluetooth headset is definitely useful. 
Thanks to Safra, I got to review the BackBeat Go from Plantronics.
 photo PlantronicsBackBeatGoBoxSet.jpg

The Pantronics BackBeat Go is a compact wireless headset with two earbuds connects through a short cable and comes with an in-line controller and microphone.  The package includes the battery charger adapter, 3 sets of rubber earbud sleeves, 1 set of stabilizers, which can fit in the side and press against the ear to hold the earbuds in place.

 photo PlantronicsBackBeatGoCompleteSet.jpg

The default earbud sleeves are usually too big for most Asians, so it is advisable to test out the various pair of earbud sleeves to look for the pair that can most fit to your ears.  This is important as without a good seal, things will sound differently and your clarity of hearing is most likely be affected by the effectiveness of the sound isolution.

You may notice the earbuds are much biggers compared to other earbuds in the market, reason being, this is where the battery is placed and and and where the micro USB port is located.  All you need to do, is to peel off the rubber cap on the right earbud and plug in the cable to charge the headset.
 photo PlantronicsBackBeatGo-Charging.jpg

While it was cited on the user manual that the playback time is approx 4 hours, after testing,  the actual playback time is only approx 3.5hrs.  I did not managed to test out the full talk time length though, it is cited as 4.5hrs in the user manual.

I made several test calls and as feedback by the other party, they have no issue with the clarity of my speech, and neither do I encounter any issue.  The in-line controller actually allows you to increase or lower the volume which is a very convenient feature.

As an overall, the Plantronics BackBeat Go served pretty well as a tangle free wireless headset.  The battery span though no exactly as cited per the user manual, could be a result of  tuning to high volume when listening to audio music or when watching video clips.  The price is slightly on the higher end so it will depends on your budget if it fits your budget to get one.