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Blog about yesterday,
Singapore Art Museum visit

Yo people! haha, back to blogging time, as topic will touch on the outing i spend with my cousin yesterday afternoon. we visited singapore art museum first followed by shopping at marina square and raffles mall.

Yesterday afternoon 12.30pm, met my cousin at plaza sing and from there we proceed on by walking to singapore art museum. Kinda hot sunny day but we still keep on walking till we saw SMU, den followed by singapore art museum (SAM).

Well, I was quite excited cos this my first time visiting SAM…lols, grow up 19 years old, first time visit? hehe *blaming my secondary school nv bring me there* lols…haha…Ok, so we went in and saw quite number of tourists and some secondary student. By right its admission is free but some section you need to pay den can visit. However, for student, is just half-price from the original $15.

Next, Me and my cousin visited those historical happened in singapore in the early 40-50s. There were many “bring back memories” such as the olden days video and photography production,fashion design,Food and Home living. Overall, i can said that “things can be look boring or normal yet it bring out the interesting history”.

30min to 45min tour in SAM and we decided to leave and go somewhere else. So we took mrt back to cityhall and from there walked to marina square. Yesterday was so crowded…We setter can marina square mcd to have some drink and food. Ordered cappucino Ice-coffee and one chicken burger. The Ice-cappucino was nice, haha like the taste pretty much…

After eating and drinking, i accompany my cousin to some shop to buy his things, bleah bleah so on…went over esplande view and dinner at makansutra and den we proceed to raffles mall to shop. Afterall we went back to home. Quite an enjoyable saturday ^_^ Next few post might be interesting..stay tune on hpility channel!

Tats all for today…
Thank for your reading and viewing! xD
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