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Hoho…very fast, here come friday…Yesterday only post 2 picture and 2 sentence of words..*feel so guilty now* hahaha….So today, gonna type LONGER abit. lols. hmm, since i didnt go out…let me see wad can post about today…xD

For the past few day, was staying at home designing my next blog theme. So far, i can say is almost done and ready to put it up here. I left with navigator and label haven create yet. Talk about my blog header, thank for people who give the good compliment and therefore, the new header will be put up soon together with other part of layout too. This time, also uses both program of photoshop and flash to create my new header. Alright, i will write out more once is officially put up here! ^^

Since April time, there something i craving for…haha…Currently wanted to watch these 2 movie, they are Shinjuku Incident and Knowing. Well this 2 movie seem like have alot of good review, so i think is worth to watch it!


First week of april, introduce one LG phone to everyone which i found out 1 week ago. This LG phone also known as LG KM900, whereby the design of the phone and its interface is something similar to Iphone. (85% look alike)

Well, this small little phone design seem look not bad, Is light in weight, 8GB of storage memory and 5mpx autofocus camera. Not forget to say that, this phone also came with a hidden USB port…Cool! haha…..Click [Read More] to know more about its specification…

A well designed and smooth running user interface is among the most important features of a phone these days and the iPhone and its amazing market success is the quintessential example. LG have equipped the Arena with their spanking new S-Class UI and what can we say – high-end is implied.

The capacitive touchscreen is quite sensitive and haptic feedback has always been on the LG feature list. The hardware graphic acceleration is essential: everything from homescreen to dropdown menus rolls, sweeps in, unfolds and revolves extra smoothly…[Read More]

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