Opportunity comes in order


Hi readers! Welcome back to the busy weekdays! I know some of you are busy with your exam, studying and revision for exam make you feel very stress but endure awhile and it will be over soon. *it apply to me too* lols

You guys might be wondering why is this pretty girls group poster above here? Yup! Today going to share with you guys an interesting Japanese song which i listened recently. It’s title call “チャンスの順番” which mean “The order of chance”, another word, “Opportunity comes in order”.

It’s pretty lucky to say that, we people always given an opportunity to achieve our task or to fulfill our wishes. I believe everyone in life have at least one wish in their mind. Some people might want to be an international superstar in future, some people might just want to get into a movie production crew in future. Thus, all of these need luck and chance given by you or even helps from friends.

There’s a point of time where you’ll lose your opportunity, however don’t simply tears because of your failure, keep on moving and the fate of success is yours. Opportunity comes in orderly, is whether fast or slow, moral of story… Don’t give up! because the Sun will Shine on you one day.