Old Dogs Movie Contest


Nuffnang Old Dogs Movie Contest

Hello people! Nuffnang is giving out free movie tickets once again! Old Dogs movie..Have you watch the trailer? haha this movie is total hilarious ar! Cant stop laughing when seeing the trailer…hahaha Oh yes…This contest told us to watch the following clips and write out my favourite comedy scene together with the video embeded! Out of 3 guess which one i choose?

Answer is..Video 1! which scene? First of all is the scene where penguin attack the 2 guy…lols but tats still ok…The most Hilarious part is where one very big gorilla suddenly pop out infront of them and they are trying their very best to escape..unfortunately, one unlucky guy got carry by the big gorilla and make him sing…! LOL

First of all, they trying to get into the zoo but the security wasnt allow them to in..So they came out their plan to get in by breaking through the small hole…

Smart ar…they all…finally get in but in the end…The gorilla carry him and make him sing…It end up like the picture below…! hahaha

If you guys really like this trailer…you guys should catch!…
Old Dogs opens in cinema 31 Dec 2009