Nuffnang Milestones Video


Nuffnang Milestones Video
Walk along see something…

Hello people! welcome back once again…As time goes by…till now, my holiday left 3 more days to go…after that, school reopen again! checked my timetable and the timing was really “nice” ar…lols almost everyday 5 pm release…Anyway, sure got some changes once school reopen…haha

Recently, i went out for a walk around singapore and trying to gain some ideas on how to blog about the post on ‘Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore experience’..Walked along the street..saw quite a number of design…tasted nice food…bleah bleah bleah….However, it really work!

Today Morning, woke up with excited mood due to the designing of that blog post…Well, the post almost done! Yet still finding more things to edit in…So…Stay Tune ya!
Nuffnang Milestones Hpility: [Click Here]

I know is a short blog post for today…But before i end..I wanna wish one of my friend from Texas (Far away from singapore)…Happy Birthday to you ISABEL!!! Hope you have a wonderful birthday this year and work hard in your studies! xD

Tats all for today
Thank for your reading and viewing!
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