Norton 360 Multi-Device Review Part 2


Norton 360 Multi-Device gives you a comprehensive security protection from PC, Mac to Android and iOS devices. Have you read my PC version review in Part 1?

Norton Cybercrime Report 2012 - Infographic

The above infographic from Norton also indicated shows that cybercrime is going mobile and social. So, protecting your use of mobile devices and social networks is as important as protecting your computer at home.

Norton 360 Multi-Device allows you to be protected on the mobile. For the Android or iOS mobile devices, just scan the QR code or head to to download. It is simple and quick! I am using the Android version in the review.


Tap install and it is loaded into your phone.

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Just need to sign into the account registered with Norton, and your subscription is loaded into the application.

The good point of Norton 360 Multi-Device is that with one subscription, everything is taken care of. You can register up to 5 devices.


Tada! It is so simple to setup.


While moving around the application, I set it so scan for malware or suspicious applications. It does not really lag my usage (including checking whatsapp and the latest PSI on the browser). 


It can also schedule backups of your contacts to a secure storage!


Protect yourself even further with Web Protection and spam calls using Call Blocking !


Norton 360 Multi-Device also take note of the happenings of your phone. Quietly protecting you in the background by scanning installed apps.


Okay, the anti malware scans is done! There are suspicious programmes found on my Android phone. Norton detects them and prompts you of their unusual permissions for you to decide to keep or uninstall with a click of the button.


Where did I place my phone? Or is it stolen?

In the unfortunate case of losing your mobile devices, it is very simple to activate device lock, scream, locate, sneak peek, remote wipe, backup. It can be done online ( or send an SMS to the phone.


Lock your mobile remotely! These features comes in handy when you need to locate your phone when lost or misplaced.


Being a forgetful chap, I will never forget placing my phone in one place and then spend time looking for it! Haha! With the Scream feature, triggering the scream feature will set off an alarm to alert the forgetful me where is my phone. If the thieve stole your mobile, this will alert those that are around the thieve and hopefully it gets returned back to you!


I still cannot find my device? Where is the phone? Locate it using the Locate feature. Maybe I left it in my office!


Sneak Peek can take photos of people who tries to use your phone when it is lost using the front camera. I found that this is automatically activated when I locked the phone using the “lock” feature and I do not need to activate it separately.


Just in case you exhausted all efforts to retrieve your phone, you can just Wipe it. At least your personal data is removed from the phone.


You can also initiate a backup of your contacts remotely.


So now with Norton 360 Multi-Device installed, I can have a piece of mind! The suite takes care of many of the aspects of the security I need from computer to mobile devices, making my online experience a safe and secured one all in one subscription! Everything is kept updated and automatically executed according to preset timings.

If you would like to find out more about Norton 360 Multi-Device, do check out .