Fibre Gives Blogging a New Boost


As a blogger, it is important for me to keep updated to the various social media platforms so as to catch up with the upcoming trends, as well to engage with my fellow readers and followers.  A trusty and stable broadband network can indeed, save your life. Without all the unnecessary disruptions, you get to share your news timely and be in synched to the web world.


Since I subscribed to fibre broadband services, I noticed the great changes in my life and blogging experience. I will be sharing more of my user experience of using fibre broadband in this article which I hope will inspire fibre as well as non-fibre readers.

As my work requires me to travel, I appreciate a good movie or music to accompany me while I am on the road. I download several movies and music to my trusty tablet which accompanies me wherever I go. I usually leave my gadgets on throughout the night to run these downloads. After subscribing to fibre broadband, now I just need about an hour or so to complete my downloads. This is really great as I don’t have to wait all night for it and I can catch on my beauty sleep! Also, it helps to save my electricity bills as well. The seamless and speedy download allows me to enjoy more entertainment when on the go but at a shorter downloading time.

Me dozing off while waiting for downloads to complete when on my previous traditional broadband.

Processing, streaming and uploading of photos and videos are some of the functions needed when developing a blog post. Speed is a very important necessity here, especially when uploading videos as it usually takes up to 3 to 5 hours just to upload a video of approximately 5-10 minutes to YouTube when I was on my previous broadband. It probably just takes a few minutes to record a short video, but time needed to upload and share online is too time consuming and painful. 

With the fibre broadband, it has reduced at least 20% – 30% of the uploading time! I’m really excited about this and am considering on starting vblogging soon.

Blogging with purely text is boring. I love to add photos along with my blog entries. Ever since our home is subscribed to fibre broadband, publishing a blog post with photos has been such a breeze. This encourages me to add more photos to my blog posts.

Not sure if you have ever experienced spending time writing a long blog entry or email and just when you are about to hit the send button, the internet disconnects and the entire entry goes missing? I’m sure this is a pet peeve of all bloggers who had spent time putting up an entry only to find the effort wasted due to an unstable internet connection. Fibre broadband is able to give me a stable connection that I need when blogging.

There are times we share our photos with other blogger friends and need to Drop Box the whole bulk of photos, which will easily take a couple of hours to complete the process, however, now time needed is reduced at least 30% – 40%, which is definitely time-saving.  This is especially useful when returned from a holiday trip with friends where you can’t wait to see the photos from each other’s cameras. Now with fibre broadband, photos can be readily shared online, rather than, till the next time we meet before we can each get a copy of the photos on a DVD or memory USB.

Candy Crush is currently the craze and it is also the top game currently played among my family members. Other than my sister and I, my mom got hooked on the game as well!  It is really hateful when the broadband gets disconnected or stalls the game suddenly just when you managed to pass through a stage with much difficulty.  With fibre broadband, we have not encountered similar issue so far, so I’m spared from the sudden screaming that comes from my sister or mom!

One significant point noticed is, when making Skype calls with overseas relatives and friends, the chance of have time lag is much reduced which make the conversation more enjoyable.  While the Internet helps us to connect to the world, fibre broadband actually helps to bring us closer to our loved ones with considerable savings from IDD calls.

I’ve truly benefited from fibre, and if you had not subscribed to one, you may want to give it some consideration especially in current fast paced environment, ‘Time is money’.

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