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1 week 1 phone review…
Sony Ericsson T707

Hey! here come the 1 week 1 phone review day! haha..was pretty tired after my working today, so i gonna do a quick review on this Sony Ericsson T707 mobile phone.

Sony Ericsson T707, another word for this phone called “Off it glows”…Does it mean this phone will glow at night? haha if yes, tats pretty cool! esp girls, i guess most of the girls will like it! haha… Actually the view of this phone to me, the design was pretty small,nice and with the light effect, it make the whole phone look like a mirror whereby it give out the perfect reflection on the image you viewing on it! xD

Lets see the review from this professional…

Sony Ericsson T707 is a new addition to the T-series but it’s nothing like the T-series as you know them. Not only is it the first flip in the bunch, it also has a different brief than virtually any other T-series handset. Codenamed Elle, Sony Ericsson T707 will be trying to please the ladies but maybe it’s not as simple as just sticking that less-a-gadget, more-an-accessory label…[Read More]

Sony Ericsson T707 supports Flash Lite themes, which change the color scheme and wallpaper. Our handset has four themes preinstalled: Clarity, Dandelion, Forest tale, and Pink lilac.
The nice thing about Flash themes is that they can be made dynamic. We’ve seen various implementations with Sony Ericsson phones – for example the themes on T707 change their hue according to the time of day. We’ve also seen Sony Ericsson Flash themes that display new artwork on selected days such as international public holidays and such…[Read More]

However there are advantages and disadvantages for this phone…and the disadvantages make me dun wanna get this phone! haha…why? see below to know more!

Main disadvantages
Camera doesn’t have auto focus or full-featured LED flash
Low-res video recording (QVGA@15fps)
Keyboard lacks adequate typing feedback (might be changed in final product)
External display not legible under sunlight
The light effects are too dim (might be changed in final product)
No document viewer
No video-call camera

If you wanna know more about this phone specification…
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