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Happy Birthday To Joanna Lee,
Updating my Internship,
Hope-ing for every hours…

Hey people! Is Friday time! this mean tats weekend is here! haha finally i got SOMETIME for me to rest and gain my energy back to normal. First of all, just wanna say that my post for today MIGHT be wordy…haha, basically just wanna update my workplace for yesterday and today as well as SOME interesting happen next….

Happy Birthday
First of all, wanna wish Joanna Lee a happy birthday! haha Happy Birthday to you! i know you are visiting here right now…long time no see and i hope that u can manage the new school you studying now…haha, of cos you will see some familiar faces but i wont be there till july! xD Btw, Study hard and all the best in ur coming up activites! I know school are busy nowadays..haha!

Updating My Internship
Well, my yesterday and today…maybe i should start on yesterday workplace first. haha…Yesterday, work as normal, basically main focus is to learn how to dispenser fujitsu notebook for S and T series. Overall i found it quite easy but the different between S and T is that, T series got more screw than S-series and it really will screw up your head ar!!! hahaha….

For today, Morning went to workplace as normal, dispenser and Fixed a customer notebook! haha overall success! *so happy* Finally know how to fixed a simple notebook…Next follow by configure some wireless headset and optical mouse. After lunch, was told to learn how to “serve customer” lols, is so called as cashier ar which i will be in NYP for the next 2 week…Well, Beside cashier i also train for IT tech for backup purpose…xD

So far, this the fifth day of my internship and i find it quite “Fun”…haha, i am wondering how my the other classmate did for their job attachment. But nvm, i still hoping can enjoy more and gain more experience during my internship period. So here end my first week of internship (attachment), still got 9 more week to go!

Sometime…While I working or studying, I always hope that the next hours come fast till the end of the day…

Maybe chocolate could help by waking me up while working…!

Well, i stop here for today, currently collecting information on my next interesting post!haha..stay tune! Thank for your visiting! xD
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