Delicious Satay in singapore


Good Food On My Blog Part 12,
The Satay Hunt at Makansutra

Hello People! Saturday! Today weather was crazy, too hot for me to stay at home. So, afternoon time, i went out with my cousin to cityhall area to hunt some nice food! And the food we choose for today is Satay! which will be located at Makansutra. Oh well, Makansutra and Satay? lets refresh our memory…So, People…Do you still remember my Satay Hunt Post at Lau Pa Sat? Do you still remember my Fried Hokkien Mee Post at Makansutra? haha…If you forgot, nvm..cos today something special…i will combine the both food post and become the Good Food On My Blog Part 12 for today! and it also called as “Satay Hunt at Makansutra”!

Things Happened Today
Alright, before i go into detail on my food post, just a short personal paragraph post here…Afternoon, met my cousin around 1.30pm at cityhall mrt station and we proceed on to have our lunch at Suntec City KFC…Next went to Funan IT Mall to see some Laptop and Technology stuff..after that, walked toward clark quay central to shop awhile…well, we found one shop called hand-made sticky candy! but this not the main point for today, haha…As soon as time reached evening, we walked back to cityhall followed by marina square and den reached Makansutra, as time goes by… here come to my Food review for today…xD

Satay Hunt At Makansutra
Good Food On My Blog Part 12, Bring you to Makansutra again! But this time we look forward on Satay!!! I guess everyone had eaten satay before and of cos i hope you enjoy eating it. As for today, Me and My cousin went down to makansutra to try out the satay stall whereby the stall called “Alhambra Padang Satay”. Quite famous there, Always long queue happen and the service was good too! haha…

Basically, Each satay sold at $0.60 per stick but normally people do buy in set. For me and my cousin today, we brought Set A satay which came with 10 stick satay, few rice,onion and cucumber. Each Set A cost was $7. As for onion and cucumber is free flow, which mean that you can refill your onion and cucumber if you wanna eat more! *too bad not for satay and rice*

Alright, here the review on satay! Delicious Satay where to find in singapore? haha First At Lau Ba Sat, Next will be at Makansutra!! Why i called it delicious? and why it was to be told as Delicious? haha…The owner of this satay stall, cooked the satay and put it onto a pandan leaf. The oil (juice) flow over the pandan leaf and give out the satay smell…Meat was tender enough for everyone to chew as well as the satay sauce was nice too! xD

Overall, this satay set menu might be expensive to some people but i guess is worth to consume it! xD The stall owner there was quite friendly too and as a conclude, we took a picture before we leave the makansutra place…^^ *I am eating happy, are u?*

Tats all for today! Are you hungry now? haha
Thank for your reading and viewing! xD
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