Modern Meeting with Samsung Interactive Digital Flip Chart

Samsung Flip

Samsung announced its new Samsung Flip WM55H, a digital flip chart display available in Singapore. This is a revolutionary product which offers a first look into the company’s vision for a “Workplace of the Future”.

Samsung Flip WM55H

The Samsung Flip WM55H helps to promote more collaborative digital engagement by alleviating the most prominent challenges businesses face. Such as when organizing, facilitating and recapping meetings. Let’s check out the 4 features over here:

Productive and Interactive Collaboration

Through simultaneous multi-user engagement, the Samsung Flip ensures that all voices and ideas are heard during a given meeting. Up to four different participants can introduce content or annotate directly on the screen. At the same time, they can use either their fingers or a dual-sided pen. In doing so, each user can customize his or her own writing style, size and colour, with each notation made clear and visible by viewer-friendly UHD resolution.

Customized and Comfortable Creativity

The Samsung Flip display delivers unprecedented collaboration efficiency by condensing the multiple tools and processes required for a traditional meeting into a sleek, stylish all-in-one design. Participants do not need a specialized touch pen to interact with the screen, and can erase notes through a quick palm swipe. Flip users also can access up to 20 pages of writing space, with embedded search functionalities available to instantly direct participants to specific content.

Convenient and Secure Conclusion

As meetings wrap up, the Samsung Flip display securely stores all content within a central database, eliminating the need for cumbersome recaps or handwritten transcription. An airtight, password-based protection system safeguards meeting details and ensures that only approved users can access the information. Once logged in, meeting facilitators and participants can download and share featured content through email or traditional printing. Users additionally can save meeting notes to a USB drive or other external sources.

Leading Digital Transformation in Hospitality

The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore is the first hotel to deploy a pilot fleet of the Samsung Flip display; augmenting their digital offerings in conference facilities and minimizing paper footprint.

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