Jay Chou Hunter


Hello people! Today will blog about something related to jay chou! haha…Have you see the trailer above? Are you a crazy fans of jay chou like me? If yes…here the good news to everyone…

Other than listening to jay chou music, at the same time, also been seeing jay chou cast on movie. Well, This year 2009 Dec, another new movie called ‘The Treasure Hunter’ (刺陵) acted by Jay Chou and lin chi ling. As a fans of me, i cant wait to watch this movie! Not only jay chou acted, there also the story line talk about nan ling wang stuff…haha If you have watch zhong ji yi jia, den u know why i like it alot! haha, Jay Chou is coming to singapore for this movie roadshow this coming dec…!


  1. The movie very much reminds me of Nicholas Cage's National Treasure and Harrison Ford's Indiana Jones. But a Chinese version. =D

  2. lol Jay Chou looks so ugly in the poster.. sorry Jay's fans! No offence ok! But he looks really erm….funny! I used to like Jay Chou like mad too!