Hee Wellness Magic Duo Review


Have you ever heard of LED Light Therapy?  Your first thought is probably, is this harmful to our body? The LED light Therapy actually uses the light-emitting diodes to deliver low-level pulses of light via different wavelengths to create optimal effects on the skins, such as relieving inflammatory pain for acne-ridden skin, stimulating the whitening and anti-aging effects on one’s skin.

The beneficial effects of LED light therapy have been vigorously tested, evaluated and validated by NASA,  universities, medical labs, dermatologists, aestheticians and even by consumers around the world.  So far, there is no known side effects.

Sometime back, I was asked to do a review on one of such premium beauty devices with LED Light theraphy properties from Hee (姬), which was originally designed by Korean scientists, and subsequently clinically tested in Korea hospitals before its official launch. It has since been launched in Korea and Japan. It is currently designed and manufactured by a company based in Hong Kong.

There are 4 types of the premium beauty devices as below, targeted at three skin conditions that are often the grouses of many women – acne, ageing skin and dark spots, and assist in the treatment of these skin conditions in a natural, safe and effective way.

• Hee Magic Acne ($S240) – helps to reduce inflammation and pain commonly associated with acne breakouts and also aid in the healing of scars caused by acne.

• Hee Magic White ($S220) – helps users achieve radiant and clear-looking skin by removing dark spots and lightening freckles, etc.

• Hee Magic Collagen ($S220) – halts the passage of time by boosting the growth of collagen and helps in reducing wrinkles and visible fine lines.

• Hee Magic Duo ($S298) – the ultimate device boasting both Hee Magic White and Hee Magic Collagen, which is suitable for users who want to obtain youthful, fairer and clearer-looking skin.

After some consideration, I decided to try on the Hee Magic Duo as I hope to reduce some of the fine lines as well as lighten my face pigmentation.

The Magic Duo is elegantly packed in a tiffany blue box and comes with different adapter head for the charger which makes it versatile for use in different countries and facilitate for use during overseas trip.  There is also an eyeshade provided, which is recommended for use during treatment, reason being, while the light emitted from the Hee Premium Series is not harmful to the naked eye but may cause discomfort when shone into the eye.

The device is compact, portable and suitable for all skin types, making it an ideal choice for the busy women on the go, and busy moms too.

When fully charged, the Magic Acne is estimated to fulfil around 40 treatments while Magic White, Magic Collagen and Magic Duo are estimated to fulfil around 60 treatments each.  So there’s literally no need to worry about the cumbersome process of having to charge the device every day.

The process of doing the light therapy is simply easy.  Just place the device about 5 – 10mm away from the treatment area and hold at the same position till the light from the device switches off automatically. For Hee Magic Collagen, it is recommended to treat the affected areas just once per day.

Normally, I do not put on the eyeshade.  Rather, I just shut my eyes and lay on the bed to do the light therapy just before I tuck into sleep.  During the process, I can feel the heat transmission from the device, however, there is no pain nor discomfort encountered.

 After 1 month’s usage, it is obvious that the frown lines near my forehead have lightened much.


As for the pigmentation, there hasn’t been very obvious result, but it can be noticed that there are certain spots that have lighten a little.


Disclaimer: There have not been any special filter used in the both before and after used photos, the difference is only on the light settings.

In order to obtain optimal results, consistent treatment on a daily basis is recommended. Most users have reported visible results after 2 to 3 weeks of consistent treatment.  However, this will also be very much dependent on the individual’s lifestyle, environment, diet, habits and genes.

Basically, some improvement to my skin condition can be seen within the 1 month’s trial use, I believe, if used for long time, and with disciplined lifestyle and diet, I can expect to see more results. 

Just a side note, as the device is round, those with smaller palms may have difficulty in grabbing the device firmly.  I would think that if there can be a string attached to the device, it will be great.  It can minimize of the chances of the device falling off from the palm.

The Hee beauty devices are currently available online at http://www.hee-wellness.com/ with free delivery within Singapore and 1 year International warranty.