Halloween Horror Night 2 At Universal Studios Singapore


Woohoo! It’s Halloween Season, where will you be celebrating at? For me, I had visited several Halloween events in Singapore recently and for today, I will be sharing the Halloween Horror Night 2 event happening at Universal Studios Singapore last evening.

Yes! It’s time to step into the foggy island with mysterious scream and welcome to the horrified world. Halloween Horror Night 2 never fails me in their creative surprise of human scare and also the interior of the world was spectacular. The human ghost make-up was realistic and impressive!

Total Lockdown! 

Trying to block the lorry

I Fly!

Save me please!!

Want some blood ice cream?

William got scare-off by the twins ghost

Don’t mess with me!

Apart from begin walking through the shaded streets and seeing those bloody homeless ghosts, next you guys should visit was the three craziness dungeon! There were Dungeon of Dammation, Death Alley and The Insanitarium. I was amaze by the creepy interior dungeon environment and while walking through the maze puzzle, you will realize there is no turning back road! So, be prepared when you stepped into the dungeon!

Ahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! SCREAM!

Which cold bloody hand is real?

Let me out!!!

Took a photo at The Puppet Master station

Welcome to the Horror of Egypt!

In Bizarre Bazaar, you will see death celebrated as life and nothing is too strange or unreal, where the freaks and monsters thrive on human sacrifice in this market place of tortured souls.

Black Magic?

Quite Chio Leh… lol

Woot! After visiting the three darkness dungeons and the haunted attractions place, next you guys should go on some ride! My friends and I decided to play the Transformers ride, my first time getting on this ride and I am impressed by its 3D battle effect. Awesomeness cool!!

Followed by, visited the beautiful castle located at Far Far Away! I love this castle a lots!!! In this castle, other than seeing those exquisite displays, you will also get a chance to experience the Shrek 4D Adventure! The 4D effect was marvelous and I did enjoy the whole fairytale adventure story of Shrek saving his princess Fiona. Love it!

Thanks William for joining me in this Halloween event!

Photo with friends at USS Halloween Horror Night 2012!
Great to see you guys there!! ^^

Thanks RWSentosa for the media invitation! 

Last but not least, I would like to thanks RWSentosa for the great invitation to Halloween Horror Night 2! I had a fun and awesome night with my friends and will wish to go back again!!! Halloween Horror Night 2 is an event you guys should not miss! Hope you guys have an enjoyable Halloween weekend. *Smiles*

Halloween Horror Night 2 is now open to public and the available dates are 19-21, 25-28 October 2012 from 8pm to 12 midnight. For more information about the tickets price and purchase, do visit their official Halloween Horror Night 2 @ RWS website: [Click Here]