Grandpa Birthday Celebration


Happy 73th Birthday To My Grandpa
Celebration at quality hotel,
Buffet food was nice!
Grandpa Birthday Celebration
Oh great! Finally i got time to post here about today. But before that, i wanna say 一路顺风 (Farewell) To my cousin QingYi as he tml will be going to batam for his badminton training for one week till next sunday. Haa, lets hope he everything goes well at there. xD

Morning, went down to my grandma hus to meet up all my family member. *My parent and sister didnt turn up cos they not free.* Reached there around 11am plus. well, i quickly eat my lunch at my grandma hus and prepare for the next activity. My 2nd uncle came after my lunch and my cousin saw my 2nd uncle had changed his phone to viewty. lols, jealous face came out from my cousin as he love the viewty since few mth ago.

As today is my grandpa 73th birthday, We had decided to change a new handphone for him. So, went down to nearby singtel shop at AMK hub with my third uncle and Cousin (Qingyi). Changed one nokia phone 3120 for our grandpa. Haa, after phone changed, went up to hus and pass that phone to our grandpa. *Smile From grandpa face* *So happy* haha… Next, after rest awhile, me and qingyi went down to AMK hub to shop and drinks, den went up again. This time, go online awhile and chat with some friends. lols

After that, my first uncle family member came. lol, Qing yi together with yongxin and yong xiang went to to AMK hub aracade to play some game. whereas for me, i still online suring some web and after few min later, den went down look for them to call them come up. LOL, went up and down today…*leg tired*

Time near 5pm. Everyone was preparing to go out and toward to quality hotel. First uncles drive us there today, hehe *wee* save up bus fair, lols.

Celebration At Quality Hotel:
We reached quality hotel at 6pm plus. Haa, on the way took some picture, reached also took some picture. While waiting for my fourth uncle family to be reach, we at inside the hotel walk walk around, look here and there. Next, we went in to our VIP room. haa, earlier on we got book a vip room le.. haha, so we were different from others! xD lalala. Setter and gather some food to eat. As this was the buffet dinner, me and some of my cousins show no mercy in taking food and drinks. lols, later u will know how SIAO we were today! wahahaha.

After eating our first and second round of food, our third and fourth uncle finally came. LOL, we chat, eat, laught, photo taking, all in one inside the room. For ur more information, My cousin Qingyi had eaten 7 plate of small chicken rice for today. And for me, 5 plate of small chicken rice and 2 plate of noddles. other food such as sushi, curry, ice-cream and so on…. we also took alot man! hahaha, *No mercy*

Ate 6th round, we stop awhile and go for photo taking section. wahahaha, my fourth uncles first daughter like photo taking alot lor..she get so high when camera come in. lols, she so corporate till tat we took some nice photo during our dinner. Well, i dont say much about tat, see those photo above urself ba..haha…i think picture talks more than words *Bleah~* After taking some photo, we go for last round which was the 7th round. Ate so full today…haiz…eyes feel so slpy…

Overall, our dinner buffet end at 8pm. First uncle drive us home and i reached back my home around 8.30pm. lols, after i reached home, told my mum and dad about the singtel promotion phone on LG viewty, IS $0 with 2yrs contract now. lols, my second uncle had took tat phone and for me, i quickly rush down to singtel hello shop in tampines mall with my dad. wow, very heng man, reached there, singtel shop almost close sia… but lucky still got a chance to queue for tat phone. Well, the phone had out of stock but nvm we had book tat phone and will buy it at $0 when is arrival.

Now~! the question is, should i continues to use my sony ericsson [K850i] phone or change to LG viewty [KU990R] ? lols, both camera are 5mpx but different is, LG viewty is touch screen phone. hahaha, well, will think twice about tat. 三思三思。。。

Alright, i end my post here. My Grandpa was so happy today!
Thank for ur reading and viewing ^^
Take Care peeps! Feel so busy today~ Tired…