Experiences led to Achievement


Experiences led to Achievement,
Creating and Editing blog for 12hrs,
The Day Before make you all hungry, Yesterday make you all angry, Today make you all happy.

Hello peeps! everyone here! haha, today didnt went out at all. Stay at home from morning till evening, seeing looking at the same website same picture for almost 12 hrs lor… so wad did i done today? haha, Today help a friend [Alyssa] to create her new blog. Overall it look quite successful to me. Alright, write out some problem when we creating. Btw, we started created at 9am and ended at around 8pm plus like tat. lols almost 12hrs sia for one normal blog…*Eye roll*

Morning, was finding the sample of blog through blogskin.com and after finding, start planning for her blog header. haha, Created her blog header using photoshop CS3. Overall it took me less than 1hrs to create it. xD *got improve* *wee* Next, editing the blog layout and body text those thingy…Had been taken up lot of question during this part. Decision in font,colour and border. lols, this part took 3-4hrs. *Getting tried*

By right after we decide the font size,colour,border, link colour,background and picture, the time was in afternoon time. lol, Den copy paste all the word into the blog link. After that, after everything was fine in my second blog, i was ready to send to alyssa to upload on her blog html. So, send to her and she uploaded it. After uploading, encountered lots of lots of error liao. Next Paragraph i will write out all the error.

Error Section. Wa! after uploaded, those error were, nuffnang not in line, layout jump, The POST SECTION DIE DIE DUNWAN COME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SIBEI GUAI LAN AR!!!!
LOL, Her blog so stubbon sia under the post section. Try so many time so many hrs the thingy stil dunwan come out…She still created new blog, wanted to migrate all data to that new blog. BUT in the end, save by me! xD i deleted some of her picture and the post thingy finally out! yay~ so happy *Jump* lols. All because of that, my 3hrs gone! She almost cry lor..lols, Lucky 没有白费心机, if not, really vomit blood liao xD *faint*

K here, write out my review on this blog theme. Alyssa Blog Theme, Created today (08/11), Main Editor by Me and Co-Editor By She, overall theme are pinkish in the sense of romances, haha, Next, this web is better view in SAFARI and FIREFOX. INTERNET EXPLORER sometime got problem. *My sometime = 50%* lols. Header, make for her a simple and sweet together with her blog link, nickname and Name. Overall, i consider this header as a part of my production under hpility product! xD

Alright, tats all for today. Thank for ur reading and viewing, To know more about her blog, you all can click the link above to access it. Remember use firefox or safari for best view! xD
Tml My Grandpa Birthday!!! HoHo~ celebration going on tml, haha…what should i wear for tml man? lols, xD TakeCare peeps!