Food Review: Taipei Station Singapore


Hi Readers! Today post is for the Taiwanese foods lover! Yup here it is! A week back, group of friends and I were invited to the Taipei Station Singapore café for a food tasting located at bugis +. The Singapore Taipei Station café has a perspective view of classical Taiwan train station and inside the café, it sell those common Taiwanese food such as Oyster Rice Vermicelli, Braised Pork with Rice, Original Crispy Chicken, Crispy Taiwan Tempura and etc…

Likewise, public are allow to buy in either ‘set’ or ‘a la carte’ meal or even just side dish itself. The foods at Taipei Station are well-seasoned and it taste delicious especially their side dishes. Hence, the price of the food at Taipei Station is affordable and reasonable.

Oyster Rice Vermicelli

Cheese Crispy Chicken

Crispy Vegetable Combo

Crispy Taiwan Tempura

Braised Pork with Rice

Lastly, I enjoyed having my delightful dinner meal at Taipei Station Singapore. It’s just a difference style, a difference way of eating Taiwanese foods inside the shopping mall area with the Taiwan Train Station atmosphere. Hope you guys like it too! *Smiles*

Taipei Station Singapore Address:
201 Victoria Street
#04-03 Bugis+
Singapore 188067