First day of school in 2009


First day of school in 2009…
What Happen Next?

After few week of holiday, here came back to school for studying again. Well, First day of school in 2009, what u all been doing in school? lols…Are you all very excited in going back to school? LOL! i guess more than 80% student say no ba…haha…For Me? read next paragraph to know more! 😛

Haha, Talk about me first day in school in 2009. Miss my FIRENDS very much! lols….especially, my crappy group member…first day of school show no mercy to everyone…shoot joke to each another….hahaha..Alright, lesson as per normal…very boring and that why morning and afternoon i keep logging in to nuffnang innit to chat with fellow nuffnanger…lols..DUE TO OVER Crowded in school population, Me,zhiyong,fazil and darshini decided went out and have our lunch at nearby burger king. bleah bleah bleah~ During Lecture time more jialet…i guess nobody wanted to listen lo….somehow dunno why, time passed fast and release from school…yay! lols…So sry, i guess i still in the holiday mood 😛

What Happen Next?
Oh well, As Chinese New Year is coming, Hpility blog is coming up with a new CNY header too! haha…I will try to complete it in 7 days, starting from tml. Not sure want to use Flash again or just remain as photoshop design. But overall, i hope u all like it! Alright, regrading CNY header i will not say much first. Soon later when it release den write a post about tat ^^ haha…

One lame joke to share to you all, is about colour
Colour Lame joke
When the phone ring. “Green Green” (Ring Ring)
I (pink) pick up the phone and say “yellow” (hello)
“blue” (who) is this?
“White” (what) do you want?
You don’t “purple-ly” (purposely) call me
If you make me angry, I won’t call you “black” (back)

Alright, tats all for today…’Hope’ you all enjoy the joke…lols…thank for ur reading and viewing once again! xD TakeCare peeps!