Chinatown CNY deco


My last school holiday,
Chinatown with Henry.
Farewell William Ng my nuffnang friend.

Once again…here come to my blogging and time and your reading time! Well, today kinda “sad” cos was my last day of school holiday…tml school reopen and nid to go back school for study. AND, while i blogging, my lecturer sms me said “welcome back to school, tml time 9am”. zzz, sad sad case…LOL! Alright, blog some happening today first…but will write in short..

Last night, Joanne chan asked me wanna go chinatown to see some CNY stuff but today she suddenly couldnt make left me and henry. I met Henry Lee in the afternoon 3pm at bugis junction den we took mrt down ahead to Chinatown. Was lucky cos the rain had stop when we reached there. haha…

As soon as we reached there, we brought a cup of sugar cane drink first before go for photo shoot on CNY stuff. After drink, Tour around chinatown area…i can said that we almost walked all the chinatown area and photo taken as well. Weather not too hot and cold, just nice for “touring” lols, Alright…Look at the photo taken by Henry and some taken by me. Afterall, we end with a dinner at chinatown people talk foodcourt and den straight to home. lols…Joanne Chan lor, suddenly cannot come, if not dont be so boring liao 😛

Farewell To William Ng
William, i promise to write a paragraph on you before u go AUSTRALIA for further studies. William Ng, my friend from nuffnang and we got met up somewhere last year decemeber 2008. Because for him, i got a chance to step into Nuffnang Office (Sg) and found out tat he was a friendly and kind hearted guy. Well, I know you will be there for 2yrs, well, hope you can come online often. haha…2yrs might pass fast, but still wanna say, TakeCare and study well for ur master degree. xD

Oh yes! my school start tml! and this mean that….[GOOD FOOD ON MY BLOG] is back! haha, has been 3 week like tat nv write about food liao….and here, i am back again for introducing CHEAP and NICE food in singapore! hehe…Hope u all enjoy the food for the past food post from 1 to 6. Next GOOD FOOD ON MY BLOG Part 7 will be releasing soon!

So tired now…while watching tv, still wanna write more! BUT….oh well, i will write next time…i STILL got alot of thing want to write……………lols. Alright den, i want to stop here for today.

Thank for ur reading and viewing.
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