Family Steamboat Reunion 2009


Post about CNY Eve (25/01).
Family SteamBoat Reunion Lunch Gathering.

Hey people! Happy Chinese New Year, 恭喜发财 to people who visit my blog now! haha…have u enjoy ur chinese new year in 2009? well, i do but for today not posting about CNY day 1 but i am writing about happening on Chinese New Year Eve! haha, Read the next paragraph! =D

After 1 year, here come our family gathering for steamboat in the afternoon. Every year, there 2 table for steamboat, one table is for vegetarian and other one for non-vegetarian. However, for me and my cousin QingYi play a role of eating 2 side during steamboat reunion. Haha, there many interesting happened such as, “catch prawn inside the steamboat”,”noddle too long”,”fishball red soup”….too many thing liao, maybe picture will tell u everything. xD

Hmm, let me recall wad i ate and drink the most during CNY eve…Food been ate alot during steamboat time was prawn! lols, me and qingyi was busy catch prawn “swimming” inside the steamboat! and it also known as “钓虾”. haha..For abalone, my uncle open around 3 cans like tat…Anyway, every food was nice during the steamboat session! Drinks, 2 F&N orange jucie plus 2 cup of red wine, 2 cup grapes wine and 1 Vodka.

Overall, our steamboat session end at around 4.30pm and den went back home for standby countdown on CNY itself! haha…Alright, tat all for my Family Steamboat reunion…next post coming up on Chinese New Year First Day.

TakeCare peeps!
Have a nice new year ahead!
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