Enjoyable Flight to Korea with Scoot Airline


Welcome back to my blog and today going to share with you guys something related to TRAVEL! Woohoo! If you have followed my social media site, you guys will know that past 2 weeks I was away for overseas holiday. Yes, I went to the kimchi country’s Seoul, Korea for my holiday and after looking through several kinds of flight research, I had chosen the Scoot Airline for my Korea trip.

scoot airlineIt was my very first time taking Scoot flight to my destination and I am glad and excited to onboard the Scoot Boeing 777 airplane. Many people are saying scoot is a budget airplane, but after I onboard the plane, it doesn’t look budget to me at all. It’s cool and stylish to me!

scoot flightI fly with Scoot Economy Class within my comfortable and satisfying level by picking up the Bundle package (Fly, FlyBag, FlyBagEat) and selected the yellow seat which enables me to have more legroom to rest and stretch during my long flight journey to Korea. Likewise, the bundles I had chosen also come with the delightful meal and entertainment service to fill up my hungry stomach and killed boredom during my flight. Awesome!

In terms of facilities, other than having the relaxing scoot seat, the airplane also has its sufficient cabin size for customers to put their hand-carry backpack or even a mini luggage. In terms of service, Scoot is very efficient! From my experience, Scoot services were definitely excellent toward their onboard customers. Despite at any time regardless any moment, Friendly Scoot staff will give you their best help and answer to your enquires in the fastest way.


scoot plane

scoot airline

A manual demonstration of flight safety rule by the Professional Scoot crews before departure.

scoot safety guide

Yay! My first Selfie on the Scoot Plane! ^^

scoot flight

Comfortable Legroom

scoot plane legroomSee that! It’s mid-afternoon flight and halfway over the journey, everyone was having a peaceful sleep in their cozy seat. Whereas for me, due to my virgin scoot flight excitement, I am pretty awake to consume my delightful Nasi Lemak lunch meal on the plane. Yummy!


scoot inflight meal

Apart from having a good meal, you may also want to purchase their ‘Inflight Entertainment’, to enjoy the Scoot entertainment service known as ‘ScooTV’ by connecting to their gogoinflight WiFi hotspot and watch your favourite movies/dramas via your personal tablet/laptop. Hence, you must have installed the Gogo Video Player to stream ScooTV. iPad users must download the app before the flight. All other device users may download the app inflight.

Visit the Scoot Inflight Entertainment Official Website to know about how it works!
Just follow the steps and it’s not complicated.

scoot inflight entertainmentWell, it’s really a total of 9 hours flight from Singapore to Korea, wherein between there an including transit at Taiwan International Airport. My partner and I watched a few series of movie before we landed at Incheon airport, Korea. Overall, it was a safe, cheerful and memorable flight experience with Scoot Airline. Love it! Yay!

10 Reasons why Fly with Scoot Airline:

  • It’s safe, comfortable and fun.
  • It Maximum Your Space which allows you to try out different position!
  • Good Facilities, Good Food and Good Entertainment
  • The Scoot staffs are friendly and efficient.
  • It offers crazy deal promotion now and then.
  • You don’t feel like you are taking a budget airline.
  • Scoot makes you feel good at any point of time.
  • Attractive Promo Fares at an affordable price.
  • They just don’t look budget to you! 😉

Do follow Scoot Facebook Page and visit the Scoot website to see their latest news and deals promotion now! Hope you guys have a blissful and enjoyable fly experience with Scoot Airlines too. *Cheers!*

scoot airplaneScoot recent launched their latest first Boeing 787 Dreamliner and they want you to NAME their new aircraft! Check out the scoot video below and click the link to know more about the Scoot Boeing 787 Dreamliner. I believe it going to be an amazing milestone if your name got selected for this aircraft! ^^

NAME IT… [Here!] 😀