End of MAY 2009 Post


My Pre-End Of May Blog Post,
The Cheque is here!
Happy Family Day to everyone!

Woohoo! Weekend finally is here and i have plan to enjoy it to the max for this weekend! haha, today was in a hyper happy mood whereby quite a number of good news happened as well as tml is family day, the family week! Alright, for today i will also write out my End of May Blog Post, because for 30th and 31th, one will be family post, another one will be food hunt post! haha stay tune and proceed on to my next few paragraph!

Pre-End MAY Post stand for preview of my end of may in 2009…As days goes by, here come the last weekend of MAY 2009…Kinda miss it, cos quite number of interesting things happened in this month, I gonna listed out one by one below here!:

1) DECS Bloggers Soeul Garden Gathering
2) Nuffnang StarTrek Movies Screening
3) Angels and Demon Bloggers movie outing
4) Manpuku Good Food Hunt with AndyChua
5) Curry Food Hunt with Weijie
6) Night at the museum 2 Movie outing
7) Visited Nuffnang office and NAFA
8) Flavour Kitkat and Milky Post
9) HTC Diamond phone review
10) Family Picnic

These are my Top10 interesting post in MAY 2009 and with those post, my view in MAY 2009 break another 10,000! Thank for everyone who visiting and supporting here dailys! haha…Lets see my Dailys community again for last week and this week! xD

Did you see your face appearing again? haha if yes! congrats to you! *smile*
Wonder what will be happening in June 2009! haha…just 2 more days and it come June! Currently my schedule in june was kinda full now…and also heard from some malaysian nuffnanger is coming to sg soon! haha…

Alright, today actually was my most slacking day during work whereby all the manager went for their meeting and the others stay in office “partying around” make noise like nobody business..lols…Soon later, Good news for today! My Cheque for my internship and google ads is here! woohoo…*damn happy* haha…This my first time receiving cheque from google! Well, i started using google ads last month april and today it come the cheque! As for my internship cheque, in Aprils, i did work in NYP IT roadshow and the OT pay is all added in MAY cheque…haha..$^^$ *some random photo below* sry for not taking a photo on cheque, this is due to term and condition! xD

Recently, just few days back…out of random timing..i say i got a Bra Clip Ads From nuffnang but some people no believe, so for today as end of may…i gonna post it out the picture i taken down! Yes! this my first time out of sudden, my blog nuffnang ads post out a Bra Clip ads…lols, sheree randomly enter my blog and saw it too…xD

End of MAY is here and Holiday is here too! haha, As tml, 30 MAY the Family day, over here…i would like to wish everyone a Happy Family Day!…here the good chances to Bring your family for outing! haha…For me, i will be ahead to singapore flyer with my cousins,grandma,mum,sis….First time visiting singapore flyer, feel kinda excited now! lols…*blink wink* wondering how is my tml day! Stay tune!

Tats all for today…
Thank for your reading and viewing! xD
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梦都被满足 为你种下幸福
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