My 1st Experience


Happy Family Day to everyone,
My 1st experience on Singapore Flyer!

Great weekend here! woohoo, today is national family day and for my today i have enjoy well with my family gathering outing..haha…Instead of family gathering day, today is somehow like cousin gathering day whereby, only my cousins,grandma,mum and sis attended the singapore flyer outing! haha…read the next few paragraph and view the picture to know more about today! xD

First of all, thank to nuffnang for giving me the 7 tickets to singapore flyer, therefore my plan for today was successfull and enjoying! Afternoon, my family met my cousin and grandma and we went to collect the singapore flyer ticket at singapore river near Asian Civilisations Museum. Outside the Asian Civilisations museum, there are quite alot of family activities whereby parent can mix along with their child in playing family games, many free gift nearby and most important is, nice photo shooting place is around the area!

Feel so excited whereby this my first time ahead to singapore flyer! after collecting the ticket, we decided to walk over toward the singapore flyer and reached there around 1.50pm. Hot sunny day, brought a large coke after reaching the sg flyer place…*saw alot of family*, Me also do some photography around the area before aboarding the wheel… *see the picture below*

We were aboard the singapore flyer at 2.15pm, took some photo along the way, haha…pass by a security check and scan the ticket for entering the flyer…Cool! Before aboarding, we was told to take a family photo by a professional photographer and bleah bleah~ queuing for the cubicle to come! Less than 10min, the cubicle came and we aboard it…haha So thank to the worker there whereby he give us the cubicle contain 11 people only…out of 11, 7 of them is my family member and 4 are outsider…haha…

Action started, camera in our hand started to shoot and as the Ferry wheel goes higher, we snap more! lols…This my first experience going toward the top of the singapore flyer and the experience was cool and fun!!! haha…we also took a group family photo at the top of the flyer and not to forget tat, we actually mixed well wif the 4 outsider ^_^ *wee*

30min inside the cubicle and its time for exit! haha…The originally ticket sold at price of $30 and the wheel turn for 30min…which mean 1min for $1…expensive sia..lols..Alright, way out to exit and we proceed on to view our photo…Result, we decided not to buy from them as it cost $18 per piece, is kinda expensive ar…haha…anyway, i had took more than 100 of photo oready and is crazy over editing those picture! xD

Soon later, we took bus and ahead to marina square subway for our dinner. Ordered 7 set of subway meal…lols, with those extra ingredient added, total cost nearly $45. bleah bleah bleah~ went back to home and we called it a day.

My review for today…, Thank to nuffnang- family contest once again for allowing me to carry out my plan successfully.. 7 of us was enjoying seating the flyer, viewing and capture nice memories. For the 1st experience i have today, i would say tat singapore is really small!!! hahaha…Well, DECS nuffnang member of Meldric and JiaQi also attended the singapore flyer outing today, too bad we went and aboard at different timing. But i guess everyone had enjoying well having fun with their family and friends! haha…

Tats all for today!
Thank for your reading and viewing! xD
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