Eden Park officially launch in Singapore at Takashimaya Orchard


Eden Park, luxury French brand co-founded by French rugby legend Frank Mesnel found its way to our shores and made its debut appearance on 22 November in Takashimaya Men’s department store!

Parked among various international labels in Takashimaya offering similar range of shirts, polos and tees, Eden Park is definitely up against some serious competition. Having its rugby roots from one of its co-founders, Eden Park offers trendy apparel from sporty chic to smart casual for the discerning men.



Tracking the latest fashion trends is no longer the exclusive traits of ladies coz guys have grown “vain” and mindful of their sense of style over the years. Muted colours and designs no longer dominate the men’s wardrobe! With this fact, Eden Park’s iconic “Pink Bow” logo and its bright pastel coloured collection is all set to add some colour into the modern men’s wardrobe and bring them out of their “colour safety zone”!

Anyone game to add some colours into your life? Cheers!

Eden Park Location Address:
Takashimaya Men’s Department @ Level 3
391A Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City
Singapore 238873

About Eden Park
Eden Park is a French clothing brand created in 1987 by Franck Mesnel and his teammates, and it is the proud formal wear supplier to 5 successful European teams: England, Wales, Ireland, Italy and France.

The brand is always offering very comfortable articles, with a kind subtlety in the details which shades into elegance. This love of details has always been one of the Eden Park’s key characteristics, with its combination of nonchalance, boldness and discrepancy, right down into the smallest finishing, and for nearly 30 years has made it an unparalleled brand in the world of trendy chic. The appropriation of the sportswear touch, with jackets very prominent, can be seen right across the collection, with a multitude of details.

Eden Park has 395 French sales outlets and a presence in 90 outlets around the world including Italy, Spain, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Switzerland and Dubai. In the UK, there is one wholly owned shop, as well as four franchises and 11 independent concessions.

Guest writer: Wilfred Lam