Homey Stay at Aerotel Singapore Airport Transit Hotel


Thank you Aerotel Airport Transit Hotel for the enjoyable hospitality on the leap day! Aerotel is the new transit hotel for all travellers, located at Singapore Changi Airport Departure Terminal 1. It is the only airport transit hotel in the world equipped with an outdoor swimming pool, poolside bar, and Gym and library facilities, alongside 70 premium rooms.
Aerotel is created with the conscious merging of ‘Aero‘ and ‘Hotel‘. The root of ‘Aero’ gives reference to air, it not only reflects its unique location at the airport but also makes reference to the light, breezy, seamless experience – and good value – that you will enjoy.
The Grand Entrance

My first impression of the Aerotel ambiences was stylish and comfortable as the facilities will allow travellers to have a good rest before onboard their next flight. There are 3 types of rooms at Aerotel; the “S” room comes with a single bed for single traveller, “M” room comes with twin beds and ‘L’ room with a spacious en-suite bedroom for group traveller.

This is the “S” room for single traveller

Well, I had a cosy and homey stay experience in the “M” room. I like their comfortable twin beds complementary with the premium five-star mattress and pillows. It just simply softens my mind as I lay onto the bed.

Welcome to my room 48!

 This is the “M” room!

Don’t miss out the toilet! The elegant toilet in “M” room had caught my eye-attention when my first step into it.

If you fully open the card-key holder, it is actually a mini guide map about Aerotel and Singapore! Pretty cool!

Aerotel provides a flexible option for non-hotel guests to use the swimming pool and poolside bar facilities too. All you have to do is to pay S$17 (per pax) and you will be able to use their pool facilities up to 3 hours. Alternatively, it is definitely FREE for hotel guest! Have a good chill at the Swimming pool and the Poolside Bar before onboard your next flight!

Entrance to the swimming pool


Swimming pool at Aerotel

The walkway from the poolside bar allows you to easily access their gym and library lounge.

 Library + Dining lounge! Good for photography!

I love their Hainanese Chicken Rice~ Tasted the local dishes at Aerotel!

Spectacular runway view from Aerotel

My verdict:
Aerotel is one of my favourite transit hotels at Singapore Changi Airport departure terminal 1. Staffs are polite and their services and facilities are excellent. Hence, the check-in and check-out procedure are easy too. I love the Aerotel room interior as well as the library lounge ambience. Overall, I had a comfortable yet homey stay at the Aerotel on my leap day! It is definitely a recommended transit hotel to stopover and enjoys while waiting for your next flight journey.

Photos taken using:
Canon 5Ds with EF16-35mm f/2.8L II USM
楊鴻鵬 HP