Dark Hippo Tour with Radio 100.3


Dark Hippo Tour with Radio 100.3 and Omy.sg

Yesterday, attended a great tour event with Radio 100.3, Radio 91.3, Omy.sg and of course the bloggers! haha, Before the event, i Met up with the usual bloggers group for dinner, followed by heading to National Museum.

Look at the photo above? haha this is us! 这就是我们!I think we were the crazy bloggers among all..lols 6 of us first time having Hippo Tour and experienced many things at Singapore night life. *More group photo as you scroll down*

We saw this Bras Basah bugis banner and we ahead to its meeting point. If you have follow my twitter, you guys will realize that i tweet as we tour in this event…haha..tweets!

This how the hippo tour bus took like…Is open space at the top of bus, you will feel cool and windy as the bus goes..haha…Well, as this event is on Bras Basah Bugis, likewise its tour also cover the whole night out of Bras Basah bugis area…

We were at the Top of Hippo Bus!

What you can see inside Bras Basah Bugis Area? haha…The whole journey you will see some familiar places such as NAFA school, SMU, Kwan Yin Temple, Singapore Art museum and etc…It shows the historical, learning and entertainment district on whats Singapore night out life is…

Here we came across…First time enter Chijmes..heard from DJ saying that its Chinese name is call ‘赞美广场’. Heard that, Chijmes is a derivation of convent of the holy infant Jesus. This building was built in 1890…Inside Chijmes you can see restaurants, bars and pubs too!…Quite a nice and cool building 🙂

Courtyard at Chijmes

Group photo at Chijmes

We were on our way back….Ohh..No no no…There something going on! haha where got so fast end! xD Next we were heading to POMO! Heard before? i went there quite a few time…What happened next? haha keep scrolling down! ^^

对啦!让我意想不到的是,竟然还有吃的!wow…Unexpected happening in this tour event and somemore is japanese food! love it! haha…We having our dinner/supper at Ishi Mura located at POMO.

Cheers! 干杯! Yay…Finally got drinks after the whole tour…haha…The green tea i having is super sweet! Taste damn nice!

Took some photo before the food came

Here come the food! Feeling hungry now? hehe…Nice Japanese food we eaten last night…4 main dish with 1 dessert…Most memorable food last night was the dessert…Having villa ice cream inside balloon…Have you try before?

This the villa ice cream i taking about…The jokes start when we saw this…lols, Ash favourite dish of the day…hahaha…

Group photo inside Ishi Mura

Bloggers Group photo with Radio 100.3 Deejays

Overall, it was a fun and great event i attended with group of bloggers! Glad to meet new people throughout the event. Thanks Omy.sg for the invitation once again! ^_^
More photo can be found in my Facebook! Do check out the fun night! haha…I call it a day after all.

Tats all for today!
Thanks for your reading and viewing!
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