Creative Wireless Sport Headphones WP-250 Review

Loving outdoor sports? Love to have music on the go? Then this WP-250 Wireless Sports Headphones with Mic from Creative Technology may be something you would like to check it out? The cordless headset will spare you from fidgeting the cord that might get in your way during work outs.
 photo CreativeWP-250Boxset.jpg

The headset allows you to make and receive calls, or enjoy your favourite music tracks while working out, with decent sound quality. I’ve tried it on while jogging, the earplug sits firmly in the ear canal; neither do I need to worry about it falling off when turning my head to the right and left during work outs. Its flexi-memory neckband allows fitting tweaks for a more secure fit, and the rubber cushions offer a tight, snug fit in your ear which helps to filter the environmental noise out of your music or calls.
 photo CreativeWP-250earphones.jpg
One thing to note, is that, the ear plugs isn’t exactly comfortable, which is commonly found in most of the plug-in ear pieces. You will need to keep adjusting the earbuds to a position to minimize the ear discomfort. Even with 3 sizes of silicone ear cushions to choose from, it isn’t easy to find a comfortable position inside your ear.
 photo CreativeWP-250withoutearcushion.jpg
 photo CreativeWP-250withsiliconeearcushions.jpg
The Bluetooth wireless range extends up to 10m, which is typical for similar devices, but it would be even better if it can offer a slightly longer range. I’ve tried pairing up the headset with my iphone that is left in the living room, it got out of range when walked over to the kitchen to get a handwash.
Other than smart phone devices, this headset can be paired up with tablets as well as computer with built in bluetooth. Even if your computer doesn’t have Bluetooth built in. You can get the Creative BT-W1 Bluetooth USB transceiver separately to give it wireless bi-directional audio streaming and voice communication capabilities.
 photo CreativeWP-250ConnectingwithiPhone.jpg
What I like best is the control dials, it comes with a multifunction button for pausing, playing and answering calls. There is also a job wheel for track skipping and volume adjusting buttons. I love the wheel for skipping songs, but it would be nice if the volume adjusting controls comes in a wheel dial button as well.
 photo CreativeWP-250trackdial.jpg
 photo CreativeWP-250VolumeControlbutton.jpg
Generally, I love this headphones for its sound quality, except for the ear discomfort which prompts me to think twice about getting it. However, if you think the ear discomfort is not great concern to you, afterall, most plug-in ear pieces will encounter similar issue, then you may want to consider checking out the current National Day Deals that Creative Technology is offering till 16 Aug 2013. WP-250 is not selling at SGD$48.00 instead of its usual price of SGD$79.00 as one of its National Day promotional deals.
The Package contains:
* 1 pair of WP-250 headset
* Owner’s Manual
* 1 pair each of S,M,L silicone earbuds
* 1 USB charging cable (1m/3.3ft)
Last but not least, thanks SAFRA for getting me to review the headset.