National Day 2013 Celebration at Tampines SAFRA


Woohoo! Guess who Birthday today? It’s Singapore!! Happy 48th Birthday to Singapore!!! Yeah! I am proud to be a Singaporean and I believe that every year at this moment is going to a fruitful memory for all Singaporean who participating in celebrating National Day. We are One People, One Nation and One Singapore! “We are ROCK because rock never Die!”

Welcome to Tampines SAFRA!

It’s National Day and SAFRA Singapore had organized various kinds of exciting activities which happened across the 5 SAFRA Clubs in Singapore. For me, I visited the Tampines SAFRA this afternoon to join in the NDP celebration atmosphere.

Woot! The events had gathered group of family, teenagers, couples as well as folks to register and participate in the NDP activities. Well, seeing those Kids having fun with their puzzle games, painting and colouring and decorating of national flag remind of my childhood time. Yes! I used to do these activities when i was a kid too! Hahaha 😉

Family Gathering Day at Tampines SAFRA

Snake Puzzle Games

Brother challenge his Sister in Block Puzzle Games

Kids Supporting Singapore by putting up Singapore Flag Tattoo!

Colouring Competition for kids to showcase their creativity

Paint the Singapore Flag!

Kids enjoying painting their Singapore Flag and they are proud of their artwork! ^^

National Day is always the best timing for family bonding whereby parent can use this chance to share their past story as well as Singapore history to their children. Happy 48th Birthday to Singapore once again! I love Singapore!!! Singapore is my HOME! *Smiles*