Congrats to Xiaxue


Couple Retreat movie screening

Hello people! Nuffnang had 2 movie screening in a week…Right after the Princess and frog movie screening, 2 days later which was Last friday, i was invited to couple retreat movie screening by nuffnang. Event held at The cathay and of cos i brought my group of friends along. haha…First time i attend NN movie screening on friday and something happened…

The Cathay was crowded with bloggers..Collected my tickets, Chatted and took some photo with bloggers before going in the theater…Some picture below here to share…

Before movie start, Boss Ming give an opening speech infront of the threater to everyone who attended this gathering. After the speech, commercial played on the screen…Few min later…HOHO! Mike Came into the theater with his diamond Ring and Start proposal to xiaxue!! If you wondering where i am sitting at? I’m sitting at the row infront of xiaxue…lols, I witnessed this both couple! Mike gave a great surprise to her too…haha

Congrats to Xiaxue! After the proposal finished, Movie started as usual…Couple retreat movie was a nice comedy entertain movie to watch…been laughing happily throughout the whole movie..I rated 3.5/5 stars. xD

After movie screening, gathered with my group member and took a photo before heading to somewhere for drinks and den, on my way home…Nice movie screening attended in Dec 2009!
Photo: Thanks to Raine and Kaizhi!

Tats all for today!
Thanks for your reading and viewing!
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  1. Anonymous: hey! This movie last for an hour plus…haha preview and non-preview is still the same timing de..However, we watch this movie is not preview type..cos is already out few days ago… =)