Hi My Sweetheart Episode 7


Hi My Sweetheart Episode 7

Hi My Sweetheart (海派甜心) Episode 7 review! Here come my weekly review on hi my sweetheart once again! Have you watch Episode 7? Very interesting as the story goes by…In order to allow Bao Zhu to track back her memories between Da Lang, She questioned Xue Hai some question related few years back…Little Hope was given to Bao Zhu but still a fail in the result.

In Episode 7, Xue Hai open a party in his house whereby he invited all the DJ under the same company. Bao Zhu attended this party but however some trouble occur during the party event. As Xue Hai still carry out his plan to chase back Bao Zhu..

Can Money Buy Love? Well, Xue Hai is too rich to say that, he brought a 800k diamond necklace for Bao Zhu but she rejected and said, Not everyone same like you, can buy love through million of dollar. His revenge led to failure…

Xue Hai started to pop out infront of Bao Zhu everywhere she go…And this led to the challenge between He Yan Feng and Xue Hai. Episode 7, there a Car Racing part…Lin He Long (林合隆) director added this very cool scene in and the racing is somehow look like initial D (頭文字D)! haha how can you miss it?

At last, Bao Zhu was very pissed off by Xue Hai and given him a slam! Xue Hai on the spot faint infront of Bao Zhu house…However, Due to Xue Hai concussion stats, she bring him in…and during this moment of time whereby Xue Hai is in his dream, He said out the word, ‘Bao Zhu Jie’…

So what happen next?…He Yan Feng VS Xue Hai who will win? Oh my god…Story getting more interesting in its relationship!! Cant wait for Hi My Sweetheart Episode 8! Below here are the Hi My Sweetheart (海派甜心) Episode 8 video (Trailer Preview). Stay tune for more review coming up!

羅志祥 – Xue Hai / Lin Da Lang
楊丞琳 – Chen Bao Zhu / Tian Xin
李威 – He Yan Feng

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